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5 ways to get your teen to sleep more

A 'Hunger Games' trilogy fan sleeps while camped out with others at the Union Square Barnes & Noble store in Manhattan
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Many teens are sleep deprived and as a parent trying to figure out how to persuade your teen to get more sleep can be a challenge. Most teens do not want to miss a moment and they have so much going on in their lives that they want to stay awake.

However, many teens come to school tired and unprepared for the challenging day ahead. The teen years are the time when the body needs more sleep than any other time in life; the teen body needs to be re-energized on a nightly basis with a full nights rest of 8-9 hours of sleep at least.

Although there is no full proof method, there are things you as a parent can do to encourage your teen to try and get more sleep. Here your will find five ways for your teen to get more sleep.

Take the TV out of the bedroom

Say this phrase and many people will look at you in shock, but the TV in the bedroom is probably one of the biggest distractors for teens in regards to falling asleep. If the teen is not watching TV, then he or she is most likely playing some type of video game. It really is not the end of the world when the TV is removed out of the bedroom, a bedroom without a television can be a really peaceful place.

Get everything ready for next day

Getting clothes laid out the night before and having the book bag ready to go will allow your teen to get a little bit of extra sleep in the morning. Plus once your teen has everything ready to go for the next day, that is one less thing on his or her mind thus allowing for better sleep.

Listen to relaxing music

Relaxing and soft music is a great way to fall asleep. Peaceful music relaxes the body and mind, along with a dark room really promotes sound sleep. It is important to find music that your teen will enjoy listening to, but that is not loud and overbearing.


A teen who exercises such as at the gym or is involved with sports with most likely be tired when the evening rolls around. Not only is exercise obviously great for the physical well-being of the body but it is also good for the mind, exercise helps the mind and body to fall asleep faster and many times will cause the teen to go into a deeper sleep.

Stay scheduled on the weekends

Teens tend to want to sleep in on the weekends but over sleeping on the weekends too long can create havoc on the weekly sleeping schedule. So making sure that your teen wakes up fairly close to their normal wake up time during the week and this will ensure that he or she stays on a consistent sleeping schedule.

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