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5 ways to get your skin in check fast

Less is more for makeup this spring.

The change in weather can lead to skin that doesn't behave. Zits, an oily T-zone, dry patches and fading makeup are just a few of the skincare problems many deal with as the seasons change. Read on for 12 easy tips that will help balance your skin fast.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Sound boring? It might be. However studies show that water keeps skin's balance in check and also flushes out the system regularly. This means if you're eating poorly, you're more likely to get rid of those toxins and chemicals when you make a water bottle your BFF.
  2. Cut down on processed sugar. The old tales of greasy food causing acne doesn't come with any scientific studies to confirm those theories, but we do know that processed sugar can cause skin inflammation. If you already deal with acne and want to cut down on the redness of the zits, slow down on processed sugars. Try by cutting out processed sugars for a week. That's about how long it takes to see a difference in your skin.
  3. Stick with a solid skincare routine. Skin freaks out for a multitude of reasons. One of the first things many do is ditch their current skincare -- thinking it could be a culprit for the bad skin. While you may want to switch to gentle products, continue to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturizer. This will reduce acne scarring by a mile.
  4. Don't over exfoliate. Over exfoliating can lead to overstimulating the skin. Because you're removing the dead skin, the skin compensates by producing oil which can lead to clogged pores. Most of us need to exfoliate 1-2 a week during warm weather months.
  5. Choose the right exfoliator. There are two types of exfoliators: manual and chemical. Manual exfoliators have small to medium-sized granules that slough off skin when you massage the product onto your face. Chemical exfoliators include glycolic, AHA or BHA which do the work from the inside out. These products are not fit for most sensitive skin and should be introduced to a skincare routine slowly. Sensitive, oily or acne prone skin can have a strong reaction to chemical exfoliators. When in doubt choose a gentle manual exfoliator, such as those included in cleansers.
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