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5 Ways to get you and your child organized for homeschooling

May this be the best year of homeschooling yet!
May this be the best year of homeschooling yet!
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When most people think homeschooling, they probably think of kids and parents laying around all day in their pajamas playing school. Every homeschooling parent would agree with me when I say it is totally the opposite. Just like any other education, the work is hard, requires hours of your time and also requires organization that does not automatically happen.

In a traditional school environment, organization is all around you. The whole atmosphere is geared towards the 'stuff' needed to achieve an education that is filled with stimulation. The homeschooling parent has these same issues only in reverse. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a complete room dedicated to your homeschooling experience, you have to be more organized than a traditional school.

To keep your child focused on his studies, there are some easy solutions that you, the parent, can do. Here are five necessary organizational tools for your child this year.

  1. If possible, plan on your student doing school in a part of the home that does not have distractions. That could be the TV, his computer or toys etc. Try and set aside a special seat and table or clipboard for your student to work at. Make it a special place for him to be. It is important for him to focus on what he is doing in order to succeed. By keeping your child's play area just for play, and school area just for school, you draw clear lines that he can stick with.

  1. Whatever your schedule, have a set amount of subjects the child has to finish before lunch, and again before a short play period. These kinds of schedules are a good fit for any type of homeschool you prefer to keep. You may like to have strict hours you keep, and this is ideal, but life happens to us all. If your child knows how to 'continue on' even with interruptions, he will be giant leaps ahead of other students in even more traditional settings. This can be very beneficial to the child who is too hard on himself.

  1. Make sure your child has regular meal times. No matter what is going on in school or the home, be sure that every few hours you have fuel for the brain. If you woke up late, you eat lunch later. This is one way to be flexible yet keep a rhythm to the day. Also, be sure to keep your child water hydrated. Juice is nice, but without H2O your child will not be able to concentrate.

  1. Be available. If you are running all over the house while your child is doing his classes online, your child misses having a real person to get feedback from. A great deal of learning comes from bouncing what he has just learned off of you, or perhaps he will teach you something and in turn remember it forever. The excitement in your child's voice when he shares with you is priceless and everlasting.

  1. If you make lesson plans and sit with your child, do all you can to make it a fun filled adventure. Neatness is important, and you can have fun as you organize all of his notebooks and lesson plans. If your child knows where to 'go-and-get' items for school, not only does this help you but it gives your child a sense of control that they need to succeed. Helplessness or laziness can arise when parents do everything for their child.

Make this year a year of great learning and fun while giving your child the tools he needs to succeed. If you are homeschooling, you already have committed to giving to your child one hundred and ten percent. Let's face it, it's not the easy thing to do, but it is a great adventure.


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