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5 ways to fabulous skin for your summer wedding: It's not too late

Visit Ash Organic Skincare and Waxing
Visit Ash Organic Skincare and Waxing
Amber Henson

Did you forget to start that "4 months to great skin regimen" you purchased back in February? Don't worry, you still can get great skin before your summer wedding!

Believe it or not, this list isn't anything drastic. There's no cure-all, miracle cream, or treatment that can turn your skin into Jennifer Aniston's, but you can do these 5 simple things and still have amazing skin on your wedding day. Just follow these simple steps and you'll look radiant!

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water daily and make sure to sweat each day, too! This helps you get that natural glow that people talk about. Also, drink 1-3 bottles of Recharge (at Whole Foods or store like it) each week. Recharge is a drink like Gatorade, but without all the bad stuff and will help you get electrolytes.

2. Do not change your cleansing and beauty regimen before your wedding. Continue using the same cleaning products unless you feel they are causing breakouts or other issues. Use a simple organic cleanser and moisturizer that is pH balanced for your skin.

3. Get a gentle and relaxing facial 4 weeks before your big day. A facial from Ash Organic Skincare and Waxing will help get rid of dead skin and give it a boost. You might experience minor breakouts, so make sure to not have a facial days before your wedding day.

4. Don't go into the sun and try to get tan or burned before your big day! Go to see Amber Henson at Ash Organic Skincare and Waxing for a spray tan that will look amazing. Again, you're going to want to do a trial run before your big day.

5. Go see Amber for a full evaluation of your skin, and she can give you some suggestions to get the most beautiful skin you deserve on your wedding day. Also, like her Facebook page for some awesome tips and tricks!

Your skin is often a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside of your body. One thing that shows up on our skin is stress. It's not easy to be stress free leading up to your wedding day. It's important to keep the stress to a minimum for the sake of your health and your skin! You can meditate for 10 minutes each morning and over the course of about 4 weeks you will more than likely notice a difference. Do some deep breathing exercises when the stress is too much to handle and you feel like your head is going to pop off.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, you'll feel less bloated when you eat clean food. Greasy foods, white starch, and sugar are all foods that can cause bloating and breakouts. Again, your skin is a reflection of how you're doing on the inside of your body.

Amber Henson, the owner of Ash Organic Skincare & Waxing in Vancouver, Washington is incredibly knowledgeable about skin and health. She won't try to sell you on something you don't need or that could cause issues right before your wedding day.

Call her at (541) 639-9088

604 E 16th Street

Vancouver, WA 98663

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