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5 Ways to ditch the roses and spend less for Valentine’s Day

Roses are traditional flowers that are given on Valentine’s Day, but they are also costly and don’t last long. Save the money with these five ways to ditch the roses and spend less for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Flowers free license agreement
  1. Create roses out of fabric. Choose scrap fabric, ribbon, or strips of a special outfit. It’s a great way to preserve a dress or t-shirt worn on a first date. Use the fabric roses as décor accessories or attach to a headband or buttons to accentuate a special look.
  2. Find a picture of those roses you gave or received from that special someone once upon a time. Select a pretty frame, and have it framed to display as a portrait of roses that will last forever in a picture on the wall.
  3. Make your artistic expression of roses using household items, like celery stalks, cut peppers, or cut potatoes for stamps. Paint the tops and press the paint onto paper or canvas. Make rose prints on the back of paper bags to turn into nice wrapping paper.
  4. Make a few dozen paper roses out of dictionary or other book pages.
  5. Combine chocolate kisses to form a dozen rose buds.

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