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5 Ways to Determine if you have Personal Style

You don't have t be the best looking person in the room to command attention

If you have developed a flattering signature personal style, chances are you have spent a lot of time exploring your body type, personality and how to create a unified front between the two. You may notice individuals who have developed a great personal style and lack insecurity when it comes to defining their personal brand or personal image. So how do you know when you have great personal style? What are the signs? How do you know when every passerby is admiring your confidence and personal style? There are several things you can look for that wil l tell you if your personal style is a flattering image of visual masturbation. Here are 5 easy ways to determine if you have personal style.

  1. People take pictures of you

Someone may stop you on the street and ask to take a photo but chances are it will be a candid photo that a random passerby takes and then posts on a blog, blurring out your face. With the explosion of style and fashion blogs over the past 6 years, this is becoming a popular update to the outdated fashion magazine. People are interested in practical, everyday fashion tips and style solutions. If people are taking your photo, with or without your permission; chances are you have a unique personal style that is worth sharing with the world.

  1. Women compliment your style or outfit

Just because you are not the best looking or tallest person in the room doesn’t mean woman aren’t eyeing you up and down. A woman pays close attention to details so if you receive a compliment from another female or a female counterpart, chances are you have an attractive personal style.

  1. You friends steal your style or “look”

Your personal brand has a powerful effect when others around you imitate your personal style. This means you are the innovator of your social circle. Copy cats are the greatest form of flattery so take it as compliment.

  1. You look like you could be on the cover of a fashion magazine

When you have great personal style it usually means you pay close attention to small details. You have an eye for style and can put together outfits that are worthy of a magazine cover story. Some people may need some guidance from a personal stylist or wardrobe consultant to get them going in the right direction while others can create a powerful personal image that is stylish and appropriate for the occasion. You can always checkout MyImageExpert for fashion advice and personal styling tips if you need some help with your persona style or wardrobe.

  1. People think you are someone famous.

People accidently mistake you for someone famous when you walk into a room. They will stare and may even come up to you and ask where they have seen you before or inquire about your profession. This means you have a personal style that commands attention and you send a confident message upon arrival.

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