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5 ways to better juice your time for productivity

When you have more titles and tasks than you do time, then reclaim more hours in the day with these four tools.
When you have more titles and tasks than you do time, then reclaim more hours in the day with these four tools.

Ever felt like there weren't enough hours in the day? Your job is pulling at one limb, your family at another, still trying to find time to exercise, and then there’s cooking and cleaning to be done, leaving the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a mere once-upon-a-time fairy tale.

Well, here are four tried-and-true ways to better juice your time, allowing you less stress, boosted productivity, and a full night’s rest:

1. Prioritize

If you don’t already carry a to-do list, then shame on you. Regardless of how trivial the task may seem, jot down everything that need be done. Afterwards, prioritize your list from most to least important. If there are more tasks than the day permits, then ask what can be told no. Familiarize yourself with that word; you deserve it!

2. Dissect

If you work eight hours a day and your goal is to sleep for eight hours, then that leaves you with eight hours to do everything else. Subtract the time it takes to get dressed, transport to and fro, cook and clean, and get ready for bed. What are you doing with the remaining hours? Aim to work on one task at a time. Doing more lessens your effectiveness, which only lengthens how long it takes to complete the task.

3. Chunk

Grab your prioritized to-do list and drop the contents into imaginary containers. For example, if you’re cleaning up, then drop the living room into one container, the kitchen into another, and so on. You cannot leave that living room or get up from that desk until that container is complete. Remember: One task at a time.

4. Delegate

If you have a spouse and/or children, assign chores. Stop trying to cook and clean on your own. Have a maid come in twice a month. If you’re a business owner, then hire an assistant. Pay someone to handle your taxes. Staff an intern. Have someone else do what you don’t like to do so that you’ll have more time and energy to do what you love to do like enjoy Savannah.

5. Relax

In order to best serve them, you must first serve you. Even the airlines advise you to put your mask on prior to helping others. And learn to listen to your body’s signals. Illness and irritability are common symptoms of exhaustion. Exhaustion ignored is personally and professionally detrimental.

What would you add to the list?

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