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5 Ways to beat this week's heat wave

Kayaking is a great way to beat the heat
Kayaking is a great way to beat the heat
Photo by Michael Dodge

LA is known for having almost 300 sunny days per year. With those kinds of odds, there’s a high chance that some of those days will be scorchers. This week, for example, temperatures will reach the 90s. (That's nearly 20 degrees warmer than historical averages for this time of year!) So, grab your sunscreen and leave the comforts of your home AC behind to enjoy these 5 things you can still do during a heat wave.

Watch "Bears" at El Capitan Theatre

Disney does it again: they've managed to combine all things cute and beautiful into one film. Newborn bear cubs, the breathtaking Alaska landscape, and scientific knowledge all make appearances in “Bears.” Get a bucket of popcorn and an ice cold beverage and escape from the heat in El Capitan’s historic theater. Maybe if you’re all warm and fuzzy on the inside, you’ll be less hot on the outside.

Soak in Ace Hotel’s rooftop pool with a cocktail

Newly opened in 2014, downtown’s Ace Hotel has a rooftop pool to rival others in the area. The upstairs bar features cocktails that are “bright, world-traveled twists on traditional tropical cocktails — with raw fruits, teas and spices” in a setting that’s intimate, trendy and relaxed.

Get nitrogen ice cream at the Ice Cream Lab

Ice cream is a classic hot weather treat, but you've probably never had it like this before. Unlike regular ice cream that’s churning by machine, Ice Cream Lab’s is frozen instantly with liquid nitrogen. Some may call it molecular gastronomy, but with flavors like Coffee Toffee Crunch and Honey Pistachio, this ice cream is simply delicious.

First Friday at Natural History Museum

During a heat wave, even the nights might become unbearable. Natural History Museum’s First Friday, with its live bands and DJs, exhibitions and tours, is a refreshing way to get entertained and educated. This week’s performers include HOLYCHILD, Groundislava FT. Rare Times, Anthony Valadez and Daddy Kev. Guests can walk around the grounds to enjoy the iconic T-Rex skeleton, the Becoming L.A. permanent exhibit and the new nature gardens.

Kayaking in Marina del Rey

Practically any opportunity to get wet is fair game during a heat wave. Hydrobikes in Long Beach, kayaks in Marina del Rey, even water balloons in your background will do the trick. Grab your favorite mode of water transportation and hit the waves. Just don’t forget to “accidentally” flip over once or twice.

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