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4 Ways to Annoy Your Waiter/Waitress

If you've never waited tables in your life, you're missing out on an enlightening experience. Waiting tables can be a lot of fun and it will get stressful at times. Be nice to your server. Avoid doing these things.

Service with a smile!

Table Occupation
Don't get there too early or stay too long. Enjoy your meal but remember to be aware of others. Your waiter/waitress makes money off tips. The more tables they have, the more tips they get. AGAIN: Not saying to ask for the check as soon as you get your food but be mindful.

Ignore Your Server
When your waiter or waitress comes by, don't be on the phone. Don't put one finger up to tell them to, "Hold on." Rudeness will never inspire better service.

Split the Check 100 Ways
Splitting the bill isn't a bad thing. But if you're in a big group, let your server know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. As much as possible, use cash and keep the credit cards to a minimum.

Poor Tipping
Don't think an inspirational quote, bible verse, phone number, or funny joke will take the place of a fair tip. Also, if you have a coupon or get a discount, tip on the full price.

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