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5 Ways to Act with Him

1. Goof it UP!
Be a goofball in front of him. If you’re a ball of goof any way, then tone it down a bit. If not, then let out some goofy some time. Don’t be a stuck up and don’t look like you have a stick somewhere in you. Just be crazy sometimes, but not insane. He can not only appreciate, he will probably join you.

2. Is that a CAKE?
When you’re with him, lay off the doll look. Stop wearing so much make-up anyway, but even more when you’re with him. He likes the natural look and if he doesn’t, then you can be sure that there’s something wrong with him. Don’t be fooled by other girls who are made up all the time. Most guys like it natural. And if they don’t, walk away.

3. You’re Sexy & He KNOWS IT.
Dress sexy, but keep it classy. Just because you’re in Vegas, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to be skimpy and look like a tourist or worse yet-- a stripper. Watch what you’re wearing. You want to be fashionable but not when something you’re wearing is from Forever 21 and made for a petite little girl. Cover up what you need to and let the others out for a little breeze.

4. $$$
Let the man pay. If he doesn’t, run far away from this man. The stingy guy is not someone you want to let hold your arm and waltz you around. He’s either giving or he ain’t getting. Don’t try to be nice here and don’t expect him to buy you everything either. Help him out, but he should be spending money on you. You’re totally worth it.

5. Bump’n Grind
Don’t get close to other men on the dance floor. He’s the guy you get close to and everyone else should stand a couple of feet away. Also, don’t bump and grind when you’re on the dance floor. It’s tacky and you look like a prostitute. That’s not a compliment. Besides, some mystery should be kept for one-on-one time.

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