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5 ways single moms can stay jolly this Christmas

Whether this is your first or tenth year going through the holidays as a single mom, you may have difficulties with staying joyous.  While we all celebrate the love of family and friends, sometimes the underlying issues in our family life threaten to take over our emotions during this time.  Below are a few tips we can all use to remind ourselves to enjoy this time no matter the circumstances.

  1. Set traditions that your family will continue each year.  Whether you choose to decorate cookies, watch a favorite movie, or pick out the perfect tree together, remember giving your time to your children is the best gift.  Showing them that you care and are able to take time out to focus on them will be a gift they cherish forever.

  2. Give to others to remind your family of how fortunate you are.  Sometimes when we go through big issues like divorce or break ups, we get into the "Why me?" mode.  Volunteering to help those in need will remind us to be thankful and to teach our children to be compassionate.

  3. If your children are with your ex this year, plan something special for yourself.  Accept a friend's invitation to join them this year.  Treat yourself to a pedicure or bubble bath.  Just do something to remind yourself that alone time isn't neccesarily a bad thing......In a month or two when you just want to be left alone from the "Mommy" yells, you can look back at this time and smile!

  4. Set and stick to a budget.  Families struggle during these winter months as they overspend to delight their children.  As a single parent, it is most important for you to scale back and spend within your means.  If you have older children, make sure they are aware of your budget and ask for ideas within this amount.

  5. Enjoy every moment by taking pictures and video.  My son is only two, but I already wish I had taken more video of his first Christmas, or my favorite moments in his short life.  Document this time you share with your kids, even if it isn't as perfect as you'd like.  Years from now you will appreciate it, and look back with smiles.

Hopefully by following a few of these tips you can enjoy a calm holiday as a single mom.  It isn't all that bad if you think about it.  And if it is, it's not something a little eggnog can't fix, right?

Wishing you all a safe, happy and blessed holiday season.  Merry Christmas!




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