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5 ways recession proof your sex life


Give yourself a sexual recess from the recesion.

"Hey Honey I just lost  my job. let's get naked!"

“I don’t know if we can make our mortgage payments and that is making me horny.”

Does this sound right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Practically everyone I talk to is on pins and needles when it comes to the economy and as we know, this isn’t exactly a romantic booster. In fact, stress is the leading libido killer for both men and women.

But this is when keeping a regular sex life going is more important than ever. Sex releases all those happy endorphins, relaxing us, making us all a little happier, spicing things up. And perhaps in the past, a little vacation would be in the cards: a weekend away, a romantic trip for two, splurging on sexy getaway that would get your motors running. But with no spare change, short of winning the lotto, what the hell are we supposed to do?

Be a LITTLE creative, that’s all. Try a little something new once and a while. Something. ANYTHING. It will keep your sex life intimate and fresh. And it will keep your relationship EXCITING. Plus it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Need some inspiration? Here are five tips that will give you a sexual recess from the recession:

1. Share the love
Here’s a little something for the parents. Can’t afford a baby sitter? Yeah, well, neither can your neighbor. So why not strike a deal with them: You take their kids one night so they can have some quiet date time and they return the favor. That way, you know you and your husband can plan on a cheap, romantic night ALONE, without worrying about being “interrupted” or locking yourselves in the down stairs bathroom for a 30 second quickie at 3a.m.

2. A New Kind of Gift
Times are tough, maybe we can’t afford to give each other little gifts, or send flowers. But that doesn’t mean you can give something extra special. I’ve coached couples to pay off debts or give back to their partner with “love slave hours.” He needs a favor or part of your paycheck is going to a new transmission for his car? You may be getting two hours of whatever love slave hours you want, whether it be oral lovin’ or head to toe body massage or chore-play! You want him to watch the kids while you have a ladies night? Then maybe he’s gonna get an extra special night coming his way! It will make both of you much more accommodating too.

3. Old Fashioned Games a New Way

Remember when you were young and you played Monopoly, or the game Life...
Ever played strip Monopoly? Yeah, it's like strip poker. Clothes come off if you land in jail and if you have hotels on a piece of real estate and he lands on it, then he has to perform oral sex on you....

You can change the rules around but you get the point.

My all time favorite is naked Twister or semi naked Twister. Get a nice new pair of hot panties and a rocking bra, and your beau in his underwear, and then left hand on yellow circle, right foot on red circle, and so on...

You may only last a couple of minutes before... well you know.

BONUS GAMES- Just in time for the NBA finals, you can BET sexual favors for whichever team is up at each quarter. And SOMEONE gets a sex slave for an hour if his or her team takes it all! That's better than a stupid office pool any day!

4. Make Believe

OK, you guys can both get into this.

Remember when you played princess when you were little? I know I played Wonder Woman. And if you ask your guy, he probably played cops and robbers, or he was a warrior, or cowboy or a Super Hero.

Bottom line, we ALL liked to play make believe. It was fun... So why not do it AGAIN, with naughtier undertones? Why not play housewife and sexy gardener some night or perhaps naughty prisoner and guard. I’m sure you could get a few characters going if you thought for a moment.

5. Location, Location, Location

Once a week, try a "Hands Off" policy for the bedroom.

That means, if you’re going to get down and dirty, you’re going to have to do it somewhere other than in the comfort (and sometimes BORING) confines of your bed.
So, find other rooms to explore: the kitchen, bathroom, storage closet, backyard, on the hammock, in the car, in the garage… wherever your little heart desires..

My beau and I tried the car in the garage. It was great, brought back memories of making out in high school. That went straight into playing make believe with schoolteacher and the naughty schoolgirl…but I digress. Bottom line, mix up your sex life with a little creative gestures and you’ll bring back a more fun filled passion that money can’t buy.