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5 Ways Men Can Maximize Their Chances Of Meeting the Right Girl

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but I was busy preparing an exciting new season of videos, blog posts and more for my faithful subscribers! What I realized as I was doing this it that I've been ignoring my male subscribers! Men who truly care about meeting the right girl, and who similar to my female subscribers, want expert relationship and dating advice. Not to worry! I am going to start including more blog posts and videos for my male subscribers and I do hope together we can help each of you find the right partner and a great relationship! Let's get started.

I want to talk about five ways men can maximize their chances of meeting the right girl. Men often ask me how and where they can meet the kind of girl they are interested in dating and how to make the relationship work. These men are not awkward, unattractive or strange, nor are they just looking for random hookups (or else they wouldn't be looking for advice on how to meet a quality girl ; ), quite the contrary. They are professional, attractive, well spoken men who want to meet a great girl. Similar to women's complaints about there being no "good guys left," many men feel the same way. They desperately want to find someone they click with, but they keep meeting Ms Wrongs! If this sounds familiar, take a look at these five tips:

1. Go out more. If you are always going to night clubs, lounges or bars hoping to meet the right girl. you might want to expand your base to maximize your chances of meeting the right girl. While those places are fine, you really do need to branch out and try different activities! Similarly, if you always attend networking events, cultural and worldly meetups, seminars and other "educational" or "professional" events, then you should also expand your base to include a few more fun places where women gravitate. Try parks, trendy restaurants, cafes, museums, after work happy hours, the gym, activity oriented meetups (roller blading, biking, jogging--try, online dating and even ask friends to set you up with potential matches. The point is, you are not going to meet the right girl sitting on your coach or hanging with your boys every weekend. You do need to make an effort. Keep an open mind, have fun and remember expanding your base is good for you too. An attractive man is one with many sides to himself. Discover the part of your personality that enjoys trying different things!

2. Be open to women you don't normally go for. I don't mean go for a woman you are not attracted to physically (you should always date women you are very much attracted to). What I mean is that for example if you always go for women you meet in bars (with the same short, tight dresses and long blonde hair), or women you meet in your study group (studious, always wearing a variation of the same white button down shirt and khakis) then you might want to try meeting a woman who has the same qualities you like in the hot babe at the club or the cute nerdy chick at study group. You want to really figure out what it is you like about the type of women you date. For example, is it that you are really attracted to women with blonde hair, who have "perfect" figures and who are really fun and like to drink and let loose? Well, dig deeper. What do you really like about this type of girl? Do the same with every woman you meet whom you are attracted to. Make a list of 10 qualities you love in a woman (physical and otherwise). Go out and look for that woman! She may not have all 10 qualities, but I say if she has 7 then ask her out! She is not always at the bar, or at study group. She is not always wearing short, tight dresses or glasses and a white button down shirt. But beneath all that might just be the type of woman you really want. My point is, know what you want. When you do you'll start to see it clearly in the women you meet.

3. Be consistent. Let's say you meet a girl you like. Next step, ask for her phone number (note I did not say ask for her email, screename or Facebook account). Call her or text her to ask her out (note I did not say send her endless "hi how are you", "how was your day" texts. Small talk is fine, but cut to the chase already!). Women expect to be asked out. Don't lose the dating momentum. Texting too much without asking a girl out slows things down. It takes the fire out of dating (the excitement of seeing and spending time with the person in real time!). Talk to her in person instead. Phone calls and texting are great ways to check in with someone and keep in touch, but dating them in person is when you really get to learn all about them. Texts won't tell you much at all. See her at least once a week for dates. Ask her a few days or a week in advance so you can both plan your schedules accordingly. Women likes men who are planners.

4. Follow through. Women love two things: consistency and follow-through. If you like her and enjoyed your time with her, send her a message or make a quick phone call to tell her you really had a great time and look forward to the next chance to see her. Then ask her out again! Women love this. She will respond positively to you if you continue like this. It doesn't take much, trust me.

5. Ask for exclusivity if you like her enough to spend your life with. No, I don't mean you are proposing! I just mean when you ask someone to be exclusive it means you enjoy spending your life with that person. It means you want to get to know them on a deeper, more intimate level (no, I don't just mean sexually). It means you are also committed to not dating other women. Exclusivity is preparation for something more in the future. It is no guarantee of anything, but when you ask a woman to be exclusive in the back of her mind she is thinking that there is a chance you will end up together long term. If there is very little or no chance you see yourself with this woman long term, then don't ask for exclusivity. Continue dating others until you're sure of your intentions towards her. Tell her the real deal. If she can't accept it, let her go. Remember, don't waste any woman's time! If you have no intention of being exclusive with her or you don't see yourself with her in a monogamous relationship, then tell her the honest to God truth. Don't lie. She'll appreciate it greatly.

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