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5 ways going green improves your kids' health

Green gardening means healthy, fresh veggies for kids.
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Why is going green such a perfect fit for parents? It keeps kids healthy. A healthy kid is a happy kid, right? From healthy eating to a healthy environment, what could be better for kids than parents who adopt a green lifestyle? What makes children of green parents so healthy? Just about everything green you could imagine.

1. Parents who go green don't use harmful chemicals. Their homes aren't filled with hazardous items for kids to get into, breathe in, etc. There's no hazardous waste lying around green parents homes. Their kids only touch healthy stuff, at least at home. Green parents don't use antibacterial soaps either. That means their kids have plenty of contact with good germs antibacterials kill off. Green kids develop better immune systems.

2. Go green parents often garden. These days, who knows what goes into your food? Green parents do. That's because they grow it themselves. Parents who garden buy less processed foods. A new study shows kids get most of their excess sugar from prepared foods. The study also found kids get most of their sugar at home. I'm guessing those kids didn't have green parents. Parents who go green don't have to worry about that issue because they simply don't buy processed foods.

3. Less waste means more money for health insurance. The more money you save, the more you earn. Since green parents are often frugal with resources, they don't buy as much. That means they have more money to keep their kids healthy. What's more important to green moms? A closet full of pretty shoes or their kids' health. I'm betting on the latter.

4. Green parents are do-it-yourselfers. They spend a lot more time outdoors. That means their kids do too. They use scrap lumber to build things, rather than running to home and garden stores. They grow veggies from seeds. They do hand weeding, rather than using harmful chemicals. They do their own lawn maintenance to insure the most environmentally friendly methods are used. Kids who grow up in green households spend a lot of time in the fresh air and sunshine. They don't have to worry about taking Vitamin D or getting enough exercise.

5. Parents who go green shop less. That means more time with kids. Doesn't it seem like modern life consists of shopping till you drop every weekend? Not for green parents. They buy much less. That means they have more time to spend with the family on their days off. Green parents play games with their kids. They go to the park to enjoy mature. They have plenty of time for their kids because they don't spend the weekend running invented errands.

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