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5 ways for fashion lovers to give back

Donate your clothes
Donate your clothes

With Christmas just about here, it’s time to think of others. For the fashion lover in you, here are 5 ways to give back:

1) Donate money to the Uniform Project. Artist and fashion designer, Aki Goto is this month’s pilot Uniform Project. She’s wearing the same dress every day of this month in order to raise money for Songs for Kids. Aki’s goal is to raise $5,000 for Songs for Kids, a non-profit that brings musicians to a cancer center in Atlanta, Georgia.

2) Lend money to Kiva. You can lend to entrepreneurs in other countries and in the United States, who only need a small amount of money to expand their business. You can search for people in retail, who make and sell clothes, jewelry, etc. The best part is, you are lending money, not donating, so you get it back. Kiva also has gift certificates.

3) Buy jewelry made by women in Uganda from BeadforLife. The women in this group make beautiful jewelry from colorful recycled paper – from magazines, calendars, pamphlets and cereal boxes. They also make shea butter lip balm, soap, and jewelry bags. Buying something from BeadforLife helps families in impoverished communities in Africa.

4) Donate old clothes to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or your local shelter.
There is no doubt there are clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn for a year. Donate them so that a less fortunate family can give them as a gift, especially old coats. There are four Goodwill and Salvation Army locations in the Boston area. Find the exact locations on the organization’s websites.

5) Buy a onesie from Baby Teresa.
For every cute onesie you buy, one onesie will be donated to a baby in a less fortunate part of the world. The Australian founder’s goal is to clothe at least one baby in every country in the world.

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