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5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Productivity

Virtual Assistants dramatically increase productivity
Virtual Assistants dramatically increase productivity
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Virtual assistants are basically executive assistants who work remotely or telecommute. Growing in popularity, virtual assistants can greatly improve productivity for small business owners and startups by handling those time-sucking tasks that pull busy entrepreneurs away from actually running their companies.

Below, see the top 5 things virtual assistants can do to increase productivity.

1 - Scheduling

Who has time to go back and forth with colleagues trying to figure out meeting times? Your virtual assistant is not only able to take on scheduling and calendar management for you, he/she is likely to be better at it, since he/she probably uses professional tools, like Doodle.

2 - Travel Research and Booking

Why spend hours researching flights, hotels, car rental options, etc.? Hand this over to your virtual assistant who can do all the background research and then present to you the most suitable options.

3 - Email Management

Chances are you sort through dozens of spam or pointless emails on a weekly basis. Turn your inbox over to your VA, and, with a few simple instructions on what matters and what doesn't, you end up only reading and responding to emails that count.

4 - Social Media

Even if you know how to effectively leverage social media for your business, it's likely that you just don't have time to tweet and post. As it turns out, many small businesses use virtual assistants to handle their social media as well as other small marketing and advertising projects.

5 - Follow-up

It's so easy to let things fall through the cracks - business leads, phone calls, networking opportunities, etc. With a virtual assistant, you have a right-hand man (or woman) who makes sure all loose ends get tied and you don't miss out on any chance to grow your business.

Want to learn more about hiring or becoming a virtual assistant? Check out Wittier Group, a US-based virtual assistant company serving small business owners and high tech startups.

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