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5 ways libertarians have it all wrong

As the youth of America continues to become disenchanted with the current two party system, young Americans have embraced social liberalism and the idea that government needs to stay out of certain areas of people's lives.

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Though not all young Americans are socially liberal with an economic slant toward conservatism and a negative opinion of the government, the movement is growing. With this movement growing, many have argued that Republican congressman Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, could lead the charge for libertarians moving forward. The issue with the libertarian view point and those who consider themselves part of the Libertarian party is that some of their views are so far removed from reality that it's hard to consider them for a major elected office. When people find a candidate they support, it's not expected that they agree with everything they have to say. To paraphrase a famous quote, if you agree with 100 percent of what a politician says, don't vote for them.

The major obstacles a libertarian politician has is that many of their views are the polar opposite from what the majority supports. Libertarians might want to cut military spending, but how can they get many votes if they also want to cut public education and Social Security? The might favor same-sex marriage, but they also want no gun control at all. Here are five ways libertarians have things just wrong if they want to make a major splash in a national election.

1. No public schools - Opposing public education and keep it in the for-profit private sector? Libertarians believe that government almost always has the American people's worst interest at heart, and as a result, almost everything the government runs should be turned over to the private sector. The main issue with private schools is the cost. Even in conservative states that have pushed for a voucher system, it would do serious damage to low and middle income families. Libertarians also place way too much blame on public school teachers and unions, often demonizing them as greedy individuals who don't really care much for the children and their education. According to, the average salary for a high school teacher in the United States is $45,274 and the average salary of an Elementary school teacher is $41,070. If teachers really were greedy for cash, they might want to think about a different profession.

2. Eliminate Social Security and invest in the private sector - Once again, while government is not always the good guy, the Libertarian party seems to just give up totally on the public sector while turning a blind eye to the private sector in many important areas. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the 2012 Census data, Social Security has kept 22.2 million people out of poverty. Of those 22.2 million, one-third are under the age of 65, including over one million children. Private charities do a lot of good work, but in a government created for "we the people," it shouldn't be the sole responsibility of a private charity to take on such a large challenge.

3. Unrealistic view on gun laws - There seems to be a black and white debate when it comes to the issue of gun rights and I don't mean a racial issue. Like many other topics, gun rights and laws are not just as easy and black and white, but rather multiple shades of gray. One can respect and support the 2nd Amendment and still support and back reasonable gun laws. When the 2nd Amendment was being authored, the framers of the Constitution couldn't have known the type of weapons that would be assailable to the public today. Now, despite what many have stated, the right to bear arms was not written so others can hunt, but rather to protect the American people from a government run a muck.

Now, will any type of gun protect the American people from government when possible drones are flying high? Obviously the answer is no, but the sediments are still there. Nearly 90 percent of the American people supported a bill for simple background checks for potential gun owners, but it still couldn't get through the Democrat controlled Senate. If that's any indication of where gun rights are in the United States today, libertarians and gun owners have nothing to worry about.

4. Cut all welfare and social services - While the government does overstep its boundaries at times, one place it does belong is handling welfare and social service programs. With the current state of the economy and the way capitalism has been deregulated over the last 30 years, it's vital that a social safety be provided by the federal government. How those social programs are handled and managed is a different issue, but especially during a rebound of a recession caused in part by the private sector, letting them handle the welfare programs in the country could only end badly.

5. Completely eliminate the federal reserve? - The Fed might need serious work, but to eliminate it completely is unrealistic. At a time where other ways of using money has been talked out (Bitcoin anyone?) completely reverting back to the gold standard would cause more of a headache than anything else. There a those who want to audit the "Fed" to check the books, there isn't anything wrong with questioning the Fed, but once again, Libertarians are too quick to give up and start from scratch instead of fixing the problem and moving forward.

Lets not all pile on libertarians, they do have some good ideas, (eliminating corporate welfare, campaign finance reform, ending the war on drugs, cutting wasteful military spending, supporting same sex marriage) but they don't seem to be focused on the right issues. Government is often overreaching and overstepping their boundaries, but they seem to paint the entire government as 100 percent wrong and an entity that can't change. The government can change if and only if the American people elect the right people into office who will remove the money and lobbyists and change the system for the better. Too bad they can't get focused.

More on the Libertarian Party and their views came be seen on their Facebook page here.

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