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5 Valentine's Day Plans That Makes Your Bedroom Haven

5 Valentine's Day Plans
5 Valentine's Day Plans
5 Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to turn your bedroom into a sexy haven for you and your partner. For many couples, the bedroom may initially start off as a private, sensual space for the two of you, but over time it has turned into an all-purpose room. With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, here are a few tips to make your bedroom the sexy haven it once was.

Really Look at the Bedroom:

Over time, the bedroom can turn into an area where every item is simply dropped. Glance around the room, and remove any of the items that simply do not belong in the bedroom. These misplaced items can cause feelings of stress, tension, and even anxiety, instead of helping to set a relaxed and sensuous environment. Some of the most common items that can ruin the mood include,

1) Books and Papers: Often the bedroom can slowly turn into an office over time. Papers from work, bills, and unfinished books can pile up over time making the bedroom cluttered and unromantic. Removing all of the paper distractions can help to make the bedroom appear more relaxed and inviting.

2) Clothing: All clothing should be picked up and put away. It can be hard to be romantic when dirty laundry is in the way.

3) Technical devices: All cell phones, laptops, ipads, and all other distracting modern devices should be unplugged and put away before starting a romantic Valentine's evening. Nothing can spoil the mood easier than a distracting technical device.

4) Toys: In households with small children their toys can often accumulate in your bedroom, making it almost impossible to set a romantic or erotic mood. Picking up these assorted children's items can help you set the atmosphere to have a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day.

5) Family pictures: Family pictures are an important and common part of family life, and can often get overlooked when you are trying to turn your bedroom into a sexy haven for you and your partner. Turning the pictures to a different angle can help keep the feeling of intimacy that you are trying to establish.

The Bed:

Once the room has been tided up, it is time to concentrate on the most important piece of furniture in the room, the bed. The ideal mattress should be firm without being to hard. The mattress should be able to support various fun sexual positions without causing aches and pains. Most couples recommend a mattress that has a slight bounce without it being squeaky.

Sheets, comforters, and pillows are also important when trying to create a sexy bedroom retreat. Sheets should be soft and smooth, and usually higher thread counts work best. Comforters and blankets are fun to snuggle in and roll around in and the easier they are to wash the better. Pillows are not only for lying on, they can also be used to add to the overall sense of intimacy that is being created in the bedroom. Smaller decorative pillows can also be used as props for some of the more adventurous sexual positions.

Lighting and Scents:

The right lighting and scents can help to set the perfect romantic tone for Valentine's Day. Soft, dim lighting can help you set the right tone for a sensual and erotic evening. Candles, or lights set on low can help, along with specialty light bulbs.

Certain scents are thought to be aphrodisiacs including cucumber and lavender. Scented candles, oils, and plug ins can be used to turn your bedroom into a sensual getaway. Consider choosing an assortment of different scented body oils and lazily try each of them out on your partner.

Pets and Children:

In most cases, pets can be kept out of the bedroom, so that they are not a distraction or a problem. Children, especially younger children, can not necessarily be locked out of the bedroom. If a child sitter has not already been arranged, then your romantic Valentine's evening should not start until after the children have gone to bed.

Special Additions:

Sexual toys, or even a higher backed chair, can help you turn your bedroom into the perfect sexy haven for you and your partner this Valentine's Day. Different toys, female enhancers and body oils can help add excitement and heighten pleasure, while different pieces of furniture can add necessary leverage for some new and exciting sexual positions. Chairs with higher backs can be used for higher support, as well as for some positions that require sitting or straddling.

It does not have to take a lot of time and money to turn your bedroom into a sexy haven for this Valentine's Day. Romantic lighting, a clear and organized bedroom, and maybe a few fun sexual toys are all you need to have one of the most romantic and erotic Valentine's evenings.

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