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5 Unique Beauty Tips for Same Sex - Gay Weddings in Washington DC

Two Brides are better than one!Same Sex Weddings in Washington DC - Baltimore MD area.
Two Brides are better than one!Same Sex Weddings in Washington DC - Baltimore MD area.

Here comes the bride and bride or the groom and groom is a wonderful thing to celebrate! All bridal vendors, especially fashion, makeup and beauty artists, everywhere are so excited with all the new possibilities with these types of weddings. In a way, a lot of the classic beauty tips remain the same, but there are some unique ideas that can come from same sex marriages. Here are 5 beauty tips for same sexy marriages from a professional artist that does Makeup and Hair for Weddings in DC.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Go with Traditional Styles

If you so desire, going with traditional looks it would be something you can do. The white dresses, veils, bouquets and all that jazz looks good on everyone. So do two suites! The wedding day is all about you two, so make sure not to change a single thing. This will leave you wishing you would have done it differently, the way you had originally wanted it.

2. Do Keep Your Looks a Secret

It is well known that it should be tradition for the bride and bride or groom and groom to not see each other until the ceremony. Not for any superstitious reasons, it is just a fun, suspenseful game to play before the ceremony. That way when you loved one walks down the aisle or visa versa it is a wonderful experience.

3. Stick to Your Own Personal Style

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not wear on your wedding day. If you want to wear a blue dress, pink suite or what have you, go for it. If you want to do the white dress or a black suit, that is fine too.

4. Get a Quality Hair and Makeup Artist

To bring both of your looks together, getting a professional hair and makeup artist is just an absolute must. There are many hair and makeup artists who cater specifically to the needs of same sex weddings, so don’t be afraid to search for someone who is not only open, but excited, about the prospect of working with you.

5. Smile

Same sex marriages pose unique requirements. And as any other wedding, weddings have great moments and not so great moments. Don’t let any tension or disappointments during the day get to you. Smile and be happy, because ultimately looking good is all about being happy and confident. The wedding day should be a celebration of your love and the pure love you have for one another.

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