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5 uncommon ways to get in better shape

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So everybody knows about the basic ways to get in better health and build more muscle and lose fat: exercise more, eat the right foods, and weight lift, but here are 5 uncommon and less popular ways to get in great shape and expedite the process: (View Slideshow)

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When you are truly finally ready to get in the best shape of your life, you should be willing to make any adjustments necessary in order to do so. And while the three most popular ways are the most common, the people who experience the most dramatic results tend to take it a step further.

The idea is to fully commit yourself one hundred percent. Losing weight and building muscle and strength is in fact a cumulative process- it is a process that takes place through a period of time, and not overnight. The numbers, including pounds of weight lost, percentages of body fat reduced, pounds of lean muscle mass added, improved times to run three miles or more, and lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol all come down to mathematics. Everything is added up.

Therefore, on the journey to being in the best shape you can be in, you should find strategic ways to add up more ways to lose weight, burn calories, and improve overall health and well being. For example, if you can find a daily activity that even contributes to an additional 100 calories per day burned than you regularly would on top of your gym membership, diet, and normal routine, that will contribute to an additional 700 calories lost per week, which is one fifth of a pound. In one month, that would almost add up to a full extra pound. This is just an average. You could easily find activities that burn even more, which are listed in the slideshow.

Another idea is to sleep more. The more you are awake, the more the body can enter a state of hunger. If you sleep longer, you have less time to eat. This is common sense, but more importantly, by resting more, you put your body and metabolism in an optimum state and keep your energy levels and concentration high throughout the day which leads to better workouts and more activity, which in turn contributes to better health. There are obviously more benefits to sleep, but these are some of the ways it can help expedite the weight loss and physical fitness process.

When you incorporate these five ways into your exercise regimen or your improved health plan, you can be assured that your results will speed up and you will see and notice dramatic improvements as the calories and weight loss and body fat burned add up, along with plenty of overall improvements to well being, health, and overall quality of life. (View Slideshow)