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5 traits that always stop job seekers from becoming career seekers

5 traits you must stop if you want a career
5 traits you must stop if you want a career

Part of what we do at East Coast Executives is to “course correct” job seekers and get them to restructure their job search and transition into a career search. This involves things like completing a self-assessment, skills assessment, market analysis and ultimately making a decision about what it is specifically that they want to do for a living. Often the last thing is the most difficult; Career Seekers know exactly what it is that they are looking for (position title, industry and preferred companies). Job Seekers more than often struggle to identify what it is that they bring to the workplace, where they add value and what careers bring out the passion in them. They often know the answers but are afraid to acknowledge and/or correct bad habits for fear of missing out on another opportunity due to being too specific. They tell me that they don’t want to be put into a “box”. That’s great but a “box” is exactly what your resume is designed to squarely place you in. The actual “Art of Job Searching” is to position yourself in a place that allows others to see your skills as they relate to a potential opportunity. The “Art of Career Searching” is to establish your unique value outside of the resume and bring your skills to the market as an independent business of one.

There are several ways to successfully transition into a Career Search but here are 5 Traits That Always Stop Job Seekers from Becoming Career Seekers.

1. They fail to customize their resume
2. Not active on LinkedIn
3. Refuse to network
4. Rely on job boards
5. Have no daily plan

If you fail to address these bad job search traits, you will remain in employment or unemployment limbo.

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