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5 Top Brands of Cigars and Reasons Why They Are Loved

The heritage that follows cigars is opulent, and rich; besides, the onset of a lot of big brands in the recent past followed the already established and highly popular big names. So cigar aficionados have a wide range of choice to hand pick from and they can easily pamper their taste buds to the brim of ultimate cigar smoking bliss. So in order to determine which cigar brand is famous, one has to consider their large numbers of distribution; only then a list can be etched out. Keeping these points in view, here is a detailed list of the top 5 cigar brands in a cigar aficionado’s world today.

  • Monte Cristo cigars are the undisputed rulers amongst all the brands available in the world today. This king of torpedos originated back in the lush green tobacco fields and high-end factories of Cuba and Dominican Republic; besides these cigars are being puffed for over 75 years since inception. This brand comprises of premium quality stogies that are distributed all across the world; mainly popular for their unique texture and high quality consistency, Monte Cristo has made a strong stand for itself. No wonder cigar lovers rate it as a well-balanced boat that renders a rich flavor that lingers on for a long time.
  • Aging room and Cohiba have been fighting for the second place for a long time now. The reason for this is both the brands have a huge fan following. Here’s discussing the Aging Room brand first; it appeared recently in the year 2011 after Presto size sticks performed well in some tasting tasted and won over the No. 16 spot a list by But the Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto ha surpassed all its counterparts and has bagged the No. 2 spot in rankings published by the same site.
  • On the other hand, Cohiba cigars are manufactured in Cuba and the Dominican Republic; the brand is known for high quality, premium taste that comes wapped in a celebrated African Cameroon wrapper. The unique brand of Cohiba Cigars, connoisseurs indulge into these stogies for a mouthful of plentiful flavor and smoothness that is consistent on every drag. A significant point to note is they are made of some of the finest tobaccos hailing from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.
  • The third spot goes to Padron; this brand has been reigning the cigar industry since 1926; they are made up of Cuban seeds that are at the least 2½ years old. That is why every pardon is quite in palette and smoothly blended to create steadiness of flavor. An interesting feature is their signature which is a square-press and has an intoxicatingly appealing cocoa and coffee essence scent.
  • Gurkha cigars are an old brand as well and were established during the colonial times of the British rule in India. This is a unique brand of hand-rolled cigars which have been wonderfully packaged to entice customers. These are also premium quality cigars and have a royal Majesty’s Reserve cigar ( as a tribute to the King of England in the past).Every stogie is infused with rare cognac, that is highly expensive making them rare and exceptional.
  • Padron cigars also occupy a top spot; especially the Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series which debuted back in 1994 was a celebration series for the 30 year long rich history of the brand. Besides this, the Padrin company has been steadily creating high quality superb cigars that can be easily ranked as the best in the world. Additionally the brand has upheld ‘Cigar of the Year’ title from magazine for 3 years.

Thus it is evident that the top 5 list contains cigars from the best cigar brands; they have been handpicked because of the wide range of flavors and prices that they offer. While each brand has something for everyone, flavors of these premium cigars are superb as well.

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