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5 Tips to transforming your dream into a reality

Go for the gold!
Go for the gold!
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If you ever saw the film, Pretty Woman, you may remember the character who at the end of the film says, “Keep on dreamin’, this is Hollywood! Everyone in Hollywood has a dream…what’s your dream?” People move to LA from all over the globe to take a crack at the "big time" and make their dreams a reality. They struggle and sacrifice. Yet, with all of this effort and strife, why is it that so few dreamers become real success stories?

Some people argue that it's luck, contacts, karma, attractiveness, talent, gender, race and even what area code you live in that determines your success in Hollywood. Certainly, some of these factors can contribute to success. However, while there is no steadfast formula for making it in Hollywood, there are some definite factors that contribute to not making it anywhere - in Hollywood or any other region! In fact, whatever goals you are pursuing can benefit from having an entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of the type of industry in which you are involved.

Here are 5 entrepreneurial tips on how to avoid the trap of burning out, floundering, and getting nowhere fast:

  1. Make the decision that you are going to be successful. Most people dream about their goals but they haven’t really made the decision to be successful. We must decide and commit to that decision in order to see it through to fruition. Otherwise, we can get comfortable with small results, and comfort is a sneaky saboteur when it comes to goal achievement. Write out your goal on a card, or create a written contract to yourself that you can sign that declares - in writing - that failure is not an option. Keep this card or document with you at your workstation to remind you of your contract with yourself if you find yourself wavering or feeling lazy.
  2. Be mindful of getting too comfortable at certain stages. Comfort will cause us to settle for what feels good right now rather than pushing through to what we ultimately most want. A certain amount of discomfort is good for us when it comes to accomplishing goals because it creates a healthy tension or sense of urgency that is necessary to perpetuate growth. After all, we use the term “growing pains” to describe moments of discomfort that precede growth spurts. We don’t use the term, “growing comforts.” You don’t have to be masochistic in this respect, but don’t be afraid of the discomfort. It’s natural to be uncomfortable when you are constantly challenging yourself to step up your game and step into unknown territory! Don’t worry, it will pass and you will be stronger for it.
  3. Remind yourself WHY you want to be successful in your goal. Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” When there is a sense of profound purpose behind your reason for creating success with your goals, you will have a tremendous energy source available to push you through the difficult times. If your why is not authentically strong enough to motivate and inspire you, then you will find multiple reasons and excuses not to continue the pursuit of your dream. Use your why as a reminder when you start to slide backwards into comfort zones that would keep you stuck.
  4. Create a vision or imagine the emotional state that would illustrate to you what success will be like. We can’t create what we don’t believe is possible, so we must practice experiencing what we want before it happens by exposing ourselves to the sensory aspects of it. Once you have a sense of what you truly desire, you can create a picture of it using a vision board (a collage that you create with various pictures and words that represent your desires in a visual way). The website, Pinterest has made this easy and clutter free by keeping it stored on line for you! If you are not a visual person, don’t worry. You can imagine what it would feel like to already be experiencing the success you desire. Get in touch with that sensation in your body. Then, act from that emotional state and watch how much easier it is to move forward with that energy behind your actions!
  5. Maintain a state of positive expectancy when things are slow. This is perhaps the hardest tip of all to execute, but if you have been practicing the above steps 1-4, you will have support in maintaining a positive attitude during the slumps. Be aware of that subconscious drive to relish in the struggle rather than meditating on the success that is your Divine birthright. Sometimes we can value hardship more than success because we have a subconscious program running that tells us that struggling is noble. Affirmations and mantras can be especially helpful in this respect. Rather than saying that “nothing is happening for me,” it’s vital that you focus your energy on what you are creating and allow things to happen for you. Remember, where your focus goes, energy flows! Try using the affirmation, “I am worthy of success and I celebrate it now.”

These tips are applicable to whatever industry you are in and can help you manifest your desires no matter where you live and work. If you find that you keep getting distracted or losing steam, then it may be worthwhile to check in with yourself to evaluate whether or not this goal is authentic for you. You may have outgrown it or need to re-design your vision so that it pulls you towards it more powerfully.

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