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5 tips to stop kids from biting nails

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Some kids bite their nails and it is difficult at times to figure out the reasons why a child may be biting his/her nails. It is important to try and investigate the root cause of the nail biting problem and also try to find solutions to break the habit. Helping a child to stop biting their nails is really important for good health and these nail biting tips work well with adults too. Here you will find 5 tips on how to stop kids from biting nails.

Wear clear nail polish

Clear nail polish may be a better option for a girl, but if the clear polish offers minimal shine, it may not be as noticeable and be a possible option for a boy. Clear nail polish can be make the nails harder, more difficult to bite and give the nails a good chance of getting a little bit of length to them.

Get frequent manicures

Keeping the fingernails filed and clean can help to prevent nail biting and when nails are kept up, there are fewer tendencies to want to bite them. Frequent manicures help the nails to grow and kids may want to make an effort to keep their nails looking nice when they get pampered at the salon.

Keep hands busy

Sometimes when kids keep their hands busy, this will help to stop kids from biting nails. Squeezing something such as a soft foam ball can help to keep the hands away from the mouth. When the hands are busy something doing something, they tend to stay away from the mouth.

Chew gum

Kids love to chew gum and would most likely be ready to go along with this tip to stop nail biting. Besides keeping the hands busy, some kids find that their fingers in their mouth and touching their lips are soothing. Chewing gum will not replicate the exact sensation of nail biting, but it will help keep the mouth and lips moving which can help to deter nail biting.

Nail biting treatment

Grocery store and drug stores sell a variety of nail biting treatments, it is best to browse the isle at the store and check out what would work best for the child who is trying to stop biting their nails. Some nail biting treatments come in liquid, gel or cream form and some kids react immediately to the bad taste of the nail biting treatment while other children are not even phased by it. Experimenting with a few different kinds of nail biting treatments would be a good start.

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