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5 Tips to spice up your sex life with your husband

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Could the sex life you currently have with your husband be defined as vanilla? If so, then you are probably ready to spice things up in the bedroom. Remember back when having intercourse with the man of your dreams was an adventure filled with fun and excitement. Now, your sex life has become a routine and you know how everything is going to unfold because you’ve seen the same performance dozens of times. Over time a married couple’s sex life can go from a passionate burning desire for one another to dull and plain, but there is hope for women wanting to spice things up again.

Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

1. Text the Romance Back into Your Marriage- Michael Fiore, author of Text the Romance Back teaches women how to use the power of their cell phones and thumbs to text the romance back into their marriages. There are simple yet effective text messages that will arouse your husband and force him to bring the passion back not only to your sex life but your marriage as well.

2. Talk to Your Husband- Talking about sex is something that many couples find difficult to do. It is a taboo subject for most people and can be very uncomfortable to discuss; however, if you sit down with your husband and explain to him that you do not feel your sex life is what it once was you may be surprised by the effort he puts in to make it better.

3. Change Things Up Yourself- Many women wait on their husbands to make the first move and take control in the bedroom. That is what leads to hopeless redundancy and is the reason that the passion often disappears from your sex life. If you want to get that spark back, then take control and change things up yourself. You will be amazed at how your husband responds!

4. Make the Foreplay Last Longer- If you are the type of couple who exchanges a few kisses and then gets right down to business, then it is time to change things up by making the foreplay last longer. Make out with your husband like you used to when the two of you were first dating. Kiss him deeply and passionately with your eyes closed. You will feel an intense sensation and immediately feel the passion returning to your sex life.

5. Seek Counseling- If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working, then it might be time for you to seek the counsel of an experienced therapist that can help you spice things up in the bedroom. Sometimes there are deeper issues that are taking place than just feeling like you are stuck in a rut. Working through your problems with an experienced counselor could help you tremendously.

Taking the time to use the tips provided could help you make a dramatic change in your sex life. Sex is very important to a marriage, because it is one of the ways a couple expresses their love for one another. If you want to spice things up, then you have to take action or nothing will ever change and you will have a boring sex life for a very long time.