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5 tips to promote summer reading for kids

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Summer is a time for kids to relax, have fun and enjoy the warm weather, but it is an especially important time for kids to continue reading so that they do not lose the reading skills and levels that they gained during the school year. Here you will find 5 tips to help promote summer reading for kids.

Reading tip #1: Join a summer reading program at the library
Kids love games and prizes, most libraries have a summer reading program that offers incentives for kids to read throughout the summer and some summer reading programs even offer an end of the summer reading celebration.

Reading tip #2: Model reading
It is important for kids to see adults reading, so setting up a time that every member of the family will read is a great way to model to kids the importance of reading.

Reading tip #3: Take books when traveling
Whether going to Grandma’s house nearby or taking the extended vacation out of town, bringing books with to read on the trip is an excellent means to make sure the kids keep reading no matter where they are traveling.

Reading tip #4: Read aloud every day
It is important for kids to be read to, it helps them to develop their language skills and learn vocabulary. Taking the time to read aloud to a child every day is a great way to promote reading and also bond with the child.

Reading tip #5: Write letters
There is a substantial connection between reading and writing; having a child write letters to relatives over the summer is an excellent way to help promote those reading skills.