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5 tips to prevent dementia sufferers from wandering

More than 60 percent of seniors with dementia will wander from their homes, according to the Alzheimer's Association. However, caregivers can help prevent that by following some basic advice.

1. Learn everything you can about dementia. Wandering typically occurs in the mid-stages of the disease, when people start forgetting the names of their loved ones and confusing day and night.

2. Be on the lookout for warning signs. These may include: aimless pacing or repetitive movements, getting lost in their own home or insisting on having someplace to go.

3. Limit stress. Seniors suffering from dementia need structure, so include them in simple activities like preparing dinner, folding laundry or disposing of trash.

4. Activity is a must. Dementia sufferers may tend to nap often or embrace inactivity. If you can, enroll them in the local senior activity center's exercise program or find other activities to keep them busy. Taking this approach will reduce restlessness during the night.

5. Remove visual cues. For example, doorknobs should be covered up and house keys should be hidden.

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