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5 tips to help parents stay productive while writing from home

5 Tips to Being Productive While Writing from Home

Learn Valuable Tips to Help You Find Balance While Working at Home as a Freelance Journalist

Judy Gaddis, Yahoo Contributor Network
Being a career writer requires several tasks other than writing. Writers have to research various topics and organize tons of information. They have to write, re-write and edit their material. Once completed writers have the task of marketing and selling. Many writers have the added convenience of working from home. Although this does have its benefits , it also has its distractions. Writing from home is not like any other job. Your schedule is not made and your work is already planned. You have to work just to find work. If you are parent, you have to find balance between family life and your career.Below are five important steps to help you maintain your income and your sanity while attempting to write from home.

1. Have a quiet getaway
When you work from home you get the bittersweet task of being around your favorite distractions. Your family and children are around. You are right in front of the computer. YouTube is just a click away. You have to ignore all of it! Having a clean and organized space to work will help you stay on task. Alert others that when you are in your office or writing area that you are working.

2. Be a good boss to yourself
I often reward myself after I make a deadline or write an article. I take a small break and recharge for the next round. That is the time that I surf the web or check my e-mail. I give myself days off if I meet my quota.

3. Stay inspired

Writing can be a difficult job to tackle. Often we take jobs that we do not enjoy. You must never forget that first and foremost you are a writer. It is important for you career to realize that there is not a ceiling on this profession. The sky is the limit. You need to maintain your creative edge and do not stop writing what you love to write-even if there is not market for it.

4. Stay productive

Writers block happens to every good writer. The key to fighting writers block is to keep writing. Do not allow yourself to get stuck on one assignment. If you run out of paid assignment then you should write something to sell. Set goals for yourself. Start a daily "To Do List". You should make it small and then add on new daily tasks after you have successfully maintained your initial goals. Keep adding it on. Eventually you will be amazed at what you will achieve.

5. Stay social

You have to able to market yourself. Continue to push yourself as a writer to make new contacts and get your voice heard. Work hard to make new contacts in the industry. Join a writing community. This will help you promote yourself as a writer and meet others within your profession and learn about new opportunities. Actively post on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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