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5 tips to get you in the right direction for a fantastic 2011

success with work and family in 2011
success with work and family in 2011
Illustration by Jen Goode

Money, fame or notariety aren't the only indicators of success. Happiness and for work-at-home parents, sanity is also important for displaying how successful we are. Working from home and raising a happy, healthy family is tricky and doing it well is a skill all its own. For 2011, check your goals and set your priorities accordingly to succeed in work-at-home success.

Here are 5 tips to help you have a successful work-at-home year for 2011.

  1. Make a schedule you'll stick with. Schedule your family and work time and stick with your schedules. Make sure your family gets the same time of undivided attention your clients do and vice versa. remember to be realistic with the amount of time you dedicate to each and avoid the train of thought that some things can be moved around when needed.

  2. Get involved. Make a point to set aside dedicated family time and actively participate in activities that are important to your kids. Listen to the things your kids want or need you for, sign up to help at school, or spend more dedicated time doing something with your kids.

  3. Focus. When it's time to work focus on work. Unless something is a dire situtation, make a note to addres the issue after you accomplish your work time goal. Try to work in hour increments and communicate to your family that you are focusing on something important and they need to wait for the 60 minutes you need (for example). Same with your family time. If you've promise an hour of game playing, try to hold off taking business phone calls or other work related issues until the family time commitment is up. When you communicate this importance to your family the whole family will work together to help in the success of your business time.

  4. Network, market and promote. Take the opportunity to share what you do regardless of family or business events. Your business and family life are mixed at home, don't prevent it elsewhere. Sign up to sponsor local events, get involved in community activities with your family while promoting your business to your local market. Note, do keep in mind, no one wants to hear about business at personal events all the time... but it's a part of you, so feel free to share it from time to time.

  5. Communicate. Make sure to keep your family involved in what you are doing and what you need from them. Don't try to simply work around your kids, instead talk to them about what you do and what that means at home. If you have a business call, don't just avoid the kid noise, let the kids know it's important they help out by being quiet. In return give back the effort they give for things they would like you a part of.

Working from home is a challange that requires support from your entire family. Even young kids can learn to help out and do their part when mom is working. The more the family helps, the more time you will have to spend with your family.


  • Rhonda Cratty 4 years ago

    This is great advice for all of us. Your advice of :"Don't try to simply work around your kids, instead talk to them about what you do and what that means at home." -is so true, as a bonus your children will see, by example, what it takes to succeed as a work-at-home parent.

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