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5 tips to find the perfect wedding gown

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is one of the first things a bride's to-do list after getting engaged. The hunt for the gown is a joyous occasion but, without proper preparation, it can be overwhelming. Here are the top 5 tips to buy the perfect wedding dress.

1. Look Through Magazines with Your Groom

After saying yes to your groom's proposal, invite him to look through wedding magazines together to get a better idea of his preferences. If the idea of browsing wedding magazines makes him break out in hives, pull out a few images in a variety of styles and have him tell you what he likes and dislikes about each picture. It will mean a lot to him to show that you care about his opinion and that you want to make him happy on your big day.

2. Invite 4 VIPs With You

It may be difficult to narrow down the most important people while shopping for your wedding gown but it is important to keep the guest list small. You will want to include your mother and the groom's mother, plus your maid of honor and another friend that shares your fashion sense. If you have a large family and people would be offended to not be invited along, then have the small group go with you the forest few times to narrow it down to your top 3 choices. Then, invite the whole gang to help you make the final decision.

3. Schedule your Hair and Makeup Trial for Shopping Day

It may seem like a lot to fit into one day, but scheduling your hair and make-up trial for the same day will make a big impact. This will help you get a feel for the entire look and may help make the decision easier. You will be taking photos in the gowns, so feeling as beautiful as possible will put you in the bridal mindset.

4. Understand Your Body Type

There are 5 basic body types, Petit, Pear, Apple, Ruler and Hourglass and knowing your body type will make the gown buying process go much smoother. If you are very petit, a large tulle ball gown may overwhelm your frame or if you have a ruler body type a mermaid with a waist defining belt will give you those curves you are looking for.

5. Consider the Season and Location

The bride should always consider the season and venue of her wedding to help determine which style gown to choose. A relaxed ceremony on the beach would be a great place to debut a slinky slip dress and a formal church wedding with a rocking ballroom affair would make the perfect backdrop for a glitzy gown with cathedral veil.

Once you are in the bridal salon and you begin to try on gowns, you will have a gut feeling on which direction to take. Always trust your instincts and choose the gown that makes you feel most beautiful because that feeling will shine through from the first snapshot to the farewell in the getaway car.

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