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5 tips to ensure your child has a successful school day

Israeli children play in a kindergarden on July 17, 2014 in Zikim next to gaza border, Israel.
Israeli children play in a kindergarden on July 17, 2014 in Zikim next to gaza border, Israel.
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Every parent wants to send their child to school with the expectation that he or she will have a successful day. A child's success is dependent upon a team effort by the parent, the school and the community. Each group plays a very important and vital role in ensuring the child thrives and succeeds.

However, the parent has the very challenging job of making sure their child is prepared and ready to learn for their school day.

Here you will find 5 tips to help ensure your child goes to school healthy, prepared and ready to learn.

Send encouraging words your child's way

Tell your child that he or she will have a great day; sending a child to school with positive, reassuring verbal statements can help a child attend to school with confidence and an optimistic attitude.

Make sure your child is well rested

When your child has had a full night's sleep and is feeling well rested, he or she will have a much better chance of being successful in school. A well-rested child will be more alert and ready for learning as compared to a child who has lacked sleep and rest.

Feed your child a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast for a child can mean the difference between success and failure; kids need a healthy meal in their stomach to get through the vigorous teaching and learning that goes on during the mornings in school. If time is limited, a piece of toast with peanut butter or even a granola bar are great choices.

Check your child's folder for notes from the teacher and school

Quite often the classroom teacher or school will send papers or notes home that contain important information. Getting into the habit of checking your child's take home folder in the evening or morning will help you as the parent stay updated as to what is going on at school and in the classroom.

Inform your child how he/she will be getting home

Informing and reminding your child how he/she will be getting home, such as walking or taking the bus is really important to relieve stress within the child especially if there is a change in the normal routine. Reminding your child multiples times the means in which he or she will be getting home at the end of the school day will help minimize stress at the end of the day.

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