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5 Tips to avoid auto accidents in the rain

With spring here and summer on the way, sudden rain showers will become more common. Make sure you're safe out on the roads when downpours hit.

1) Loss of Grip from Tires – If steering the vehicle becomes less controlled, and if the vehicle slides when you brake, you might be hydroplaning. You should reduce speed.

2) Decrease in Speed – Failure to be able to accelerate or declining speed involuntarily indicates that you might be loosing traction. Slow down to regain traction.

3) Roads Can Be Slick, Even Minutes after Rain Begins - Rain can initially mix with oil and dust on the pavement, creating a slick surface. Slow down immediately when it starts raining.

4) Inspect Tires – Turn your wheels so that you can see all of your tire, no just the side, to see if there are patches where the tread is worn.

5) Make Sure Rear Tires are in Best Condition – The rear tires are the most important to keep the car from fishtailing. If you're only able to replace two tires, place priority on the rear ones.

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