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5 Tips for visiting The Wilds as a family

Take a break from the tour bus when visiting The Wilds
Take a break from the tour bus when visiting The Wilds
Angela Thompson

Many Central Ohio families make several trips to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium—but, fewer families make the short day trip to Eastern Ohio to visit The Wilds. If you are planning a trip to The Wilds as a family, there are a few tips to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Dress for the weather. The Wilds is open May through October and Ohio weather is often unpredictable in early Spring or Fall. Plan your family’s dress for the forecast—and don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses.

Pack extras. Expect to need extra drinks or camera batteries? Throughout the tours, there are stops—which offer limited drink stations and facilities—but, The Wilds is not as commercialized as many of the tourist sites that families visit. Do yourself and the little ones a favor and pack along some water bottles—especially if you are visiting The Wilds on a warm day.

Take breaks from the bus. The tour buses are often crowded—and if you are the parents of the one fussy toddler on board—it can be a long day. Plan to exit the bus at the various stops to give both your family and fellow passengers a break.

Expect a long day. The tour of The Wilds lasts a few hours—and this makes a long day for younger visitors. Plan to take breaks from the tour bus and bring along some activities to help the kids break up the animal sightings.

Research local restaurants and hotels before you need one. The area immediately surrounding The Wilds is fairly rural. Expect to visit Cambridge or Zanesville for dining options—and it is wise to do a little research to find a restaurant (or hotel if it’s a weekend trip) that suits your family’s needs and tastes.

The Wilds offers great non-family trip options as well. From special couple safari-dinner visits, to camping and overnight options to kid specific educational and camp experiences—The Wilds has a number of little explored options. If you are not familiar with the facility, visit their website and learn more about the Ohio wildlife conservation center.

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