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5 tips for savvy travelers

Use savvy travel tips and enjoy international destinations.
Use savvy travel tips and enjoy international destinations.
Photography by Tiiu Napp

Spring is in bloom and avid vacationers are making their travel plans. Condé Nast Traveler has recently released the following five tips to help savvy travelers save time and money.

#1 – Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday
When traveling during off-peak days and off-peak times, fares are lower, cabins are less crowded and there is a better chance of getting mileage-award seats. Consider taking two days off during a long weekend. Instead of taking a trip on Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday, save money by flying out on Saturday and returning Tuesday.

#2 – Journey between cities during mid-day
When traveling through various destinations in Europe and Asia, schedule transportation during the middle of the day. When leaving at dawn, you miss the sunrise. By departing during the middle of the day, you have the opportunity to capture those beautiful pictures of destinations and local life. When leaving early in the day, you arrive at your next destination during the warmest time of the day and the lighting is harsh for photography. It is usually too early to check in to a hotel as well. Leaving too early also may cause you to miss a breakfast that is included in your hotel fee, and you may get caught in rush-hour traffic.

#3 – Explore islands during shoulder season
Peak-season rates on islands are often influenced by nearby countries’ vacation schedules. During low tourist seasons many businesses are closed. Shoulder season is when the tourist season begins to slow but the weather is still warm.

#4 – Find the hidden deals – sign up for e-mail notifications
The best airfare and hotel sales are often not announced. People who have registered on websites, or travelers who participate in loyalty programs, can get travel promotions sent to their e-mail accounts. When you begin planning your next trip, sign up for alerts from the flash-sale sites that sell hotel rooms at discounted prices, such as Jetsetter and Tablet Hotels.

#5 – Get the most for your dollar
At luxury properties, rates fluctuate according to occupancy. Rates can be increased during the time of high occupancy (like during conventions). During lower occupancy periods the room rates may drop substantially. For top-end hotels that have reservation desks on site, call and ask the manager when during your travel period, the hotel will be emptiest. Be sure to also ask “If I come on that date, would there be a chance of an upgrade to ocean view?”
Wherever your travels take you, the journey begins with good planning. Take time and plan wisely, and your journey will be filled with adventure and wonderful memories.

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