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5 tips for promoting your business on Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook is a social setting where you can promote your business free of charge. has just published a new infographic that clarifies the importance of promoting your salon, or any small business, on Facebook. Facebook is a highly visible place, where you can engage with your customers and promote your business free of charge. It is a significant competitive advantage, as a small business owner, to be able to mingle with your clients and future clients in a social setting, where you are considered part of the group. People would naturally want to do business with someone they know and trust, rather than a stranger.

Five steps are given in the infographic to help you make your social content more compelling. Although it is against Facebook rules to run your promotions through your personal profile, many salons do so. However, you run the risk of alienating yourself from the group by doing so and miss out on many opportunities. You are better off setting up your own Business Page, which you can accomplish right through your personal profile page. Some of the advantages of running a Business Page include navigational custom-tabs (sub pages), including online booking and the ability to post promotions, special offers and conduct polls. Just create your Business Page and ask your friends to follow you there.

Before you set out to create your next big idea for a post, check out the infographic and its five-step visual guide to creating great posts. Also, keep in mind that Facebook is just like chatting with your friends. As a business owner, however, it is more important that they chat with you. This two-way communication highlights your brand and raises your salon’s profile. More importantly, your friend’s friends listen in and they are your prospective future clients. If you are attentive and friendly, consequently, prospective future clients will presume your salon will be the same.

You have to provide value in a subtle way in the Facebook environment. It is not the place for a hard sell. Blend your content seamlessly into conversations and avoid spammy material. Themed or short messages work the best. Pictures should be included in your posts but they should not be 8x10 high-gloss images. Nothing says “spam” like highly commercial images. Pictures of your staff at work and mobile phone snaps are ideal for your purpose. Funny posts are also ideal but they must relate to your business to be effective.

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