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5 Tips for Painting Your House in the Hottest Summer Months

Create your perfect home exterior!
Create your perfect home exterior!
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Summer is the time to get things done around the house, which may include painting the exterior of your home. If that’s on your summer to do list, here are some tips on how you can battle through the heat to get a paint job that lasts.

1. Paint in the Morning or Evening
Paint in the morning or evenings when it is cooler out. This will not only be easier on you, but better for your paint as well. Excess heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly and ruin its smoothness. Also try to avoid painting areas that are in direct sunlight, surfaces exposed to direct sun can be significantly hotter. Following the shade will also help you stay hydrated and be able to stay out for longer periods of time.
2. Paint on an Easy Going Day
Don’t paint when it’s windy or rainy. Wind may blow dirt or debris on to your freshly painted walls and ruin them. Painting on a rainy day can also ruin your paint job. It may be tempting to paint when it’s cloudy and cool, but rain will ruin your paint if it has not completely dried yet.
3. Allow Extra Drying Time on Especially Humid Days
If there’s more than 50% humidity, make sure you double the dry time before applying a second coat of paint to your house. Moisture may collect underneath the first layer of paint, and could cause the paint to roll off if you try and put the second coat on too soon.
4. Avoid the Sun
Try and work strategically around the sun, you will be less miserable and your paint will be able to dry properly. If a day is especially overcast (but has no chance of rain) try and spend extra time painting, then you won’t have to be outside for quite as long on days when its brutally sunny. You can also strategically work with the sun’s movements. Begin painting in on the east side of your home and move west to avoid the direct glare of the sun.
5. Invest Now and Save Later
Invest in good materials and a good pre-paint prep. Using the best materials means you will get better results. While it may be painful to shell out the money all at once, good materials and paint will help create a longer lasting job and save you money down the road. Prepping your house before painting will also make your paint last longer and save you money in the future. Make sure you thoroughly clean and prime your exterior so your paint will last.
Remember to keep an eye on the weather, both you and your paint job will wither pretty quickly if you’re painting in the direct sunlight. Thanks for reading and good luck with your summer painting projects!

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