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5 tips for finding the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Photo by Rachel Murray

Two of the biggest holiday shopping days are black Friday and cyber Monday and finding the best deals on these holiday shopping days is essential. Being prepared for shopping success on black Friday and cyber Monday is mandatory; the following shopping tips will provide for the best possible products at the best possible deals.

Holiday shopping tip #1: Research ads ahead of time

Be sure to look at print ads and online ads for the best possible deals on black Friday and cyber Monday, compare and contrast the products offered and the prices of the products. I have found that by simply doing a search on the internet of black Friday coupons and cyber Monday coupons have produced a plethora of really useful information. Just be sure to do the researching well ahead of time so that thoughtful decisions can be made.

Holiday shopping tip #2: Make a list of stores and products

Once you decide what you are interested in buying and which stores you would like to visit, make a list of the stores and products. A list makes the holiday shopping experience more efficient and will help with time management. Sometimes when you get caught up in the shopping experience, it is easy to lose track of what stores you wanted to visit and what you needed to buy. A list will keep the holiday shopper in control of their black Friday and cyber Monday shopping experience.

Holiday shopping tip #3: Go shopping during off hours

Some stores and online stores offer great deals late evening on Thanksgiving and in the early morning hours of black Friday, also the early hours on cyber Monday. Check out which stores will be offering the best deals during these off hours, although it may take away some of your sleep time, the financial gain will be well worth the effort.

Holiday shopping tip #4: Be at the stores when they open

Many stores offer special deals during the beginning hours of the stores' opening hours, often the time period is called early bird shopping. There is typically only a limited amount of the special deals offered, so once the merchandise runs out, the special deals are done. Make sure to get to stores as soon as they open so you can take advantage of the early bird specials.

Holiday shopping tip #5: Bring ads with you

Many stores will beat competitor's prices but you need to have visual proof, so carry ads with you and have them in some type of organized manner such as alphabetized by store name so you can locate particular ads quickly. Also have a good idea of which stores offer what deals so that if you do need to find a competitors ads, you can find it relatively quickly.

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