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5 Tips for chaperoning a class field trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala

5 Tips can help you have field trip parent success!
5 Tips can help you have field trip parent success!

Lynd’s Fruit Farm is a fun, wonderful place for families and large classroom field trips alike. If you have not had the opportunity to visit on your own family apple picking or corn maze adventure, visiting as a chaperone on an elementary classroom field trip can be a great experience. What should you know about visiting Lynd’s Fruit Farm on a field trip? What tips should you know for chaperoning an elementary school field trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm?

Dress for the weather. While every field trip should be welcomed with sunshine and beautiful weather, Central Ohio does not always oblige! Since Lynd’s Fruit Farm must accommodate many scheduled field trips each fall, many schools and classrooms do not have the opportunity to reschedule if the weather does not comply. Old shoes, old jeans, and fall jackets and umbrellas should accompany you on your trip. You may wish to pack along a few extra child sized jackets if you have them and umbrellas to help some of the less fortunate or prepared children in the group brave the trip!

Become an expert herder—and learn to raise your voice for farmland use. Ideally, all of the children in your chaperoned group will stay with the group. More likely, however, you will have at least one child that strays, runs and explores the entire farm—with or without the group. Identify this child early so that you can “herd” him or into the rest of the group throughout your trip—or be prepared to conduct a stressful seek and find mission frequently throughout the trip! Learn names and do not be afraid to call them out as needed—the open farm air makes it seem less loud and “mom like”.

Pack extra bags for goodies. It is likely that either the classroom teachers or the farm employees will distribute bags to allow the little ones to collect apples, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn or other farm goods during the visit. However, packing along a few plastic, grocery store style bags that can be tied to secure farm finds will make your life easier on the bus ride home. There is nothing quite like “chasing” a mini pumpkin throughout the seats from the rear of a bus—or convincing an upset 6 year old that his gourd will be found safely when you return home from the trip once the bus stops.

Accept that smaller is better. If your classroom is collecting pumpkins from the seasonal pumpkin patch, or gourds—limit the size of the pumpkin or gourd to one that is easily carried. Finding a giant pumpkin may be every child’s goal—but, as the chaperone helping them to carry their finds, you will quickly appreciate the need for the child to be able to personally carry all take-home produce!

Locate restrooms, buses, and information areas before you need them. In a perfect field trip, the children will not need to visit the restroom, chaperones will never get lost and the buses home are easy to locate….on a farm in Central Ohio, this may not be the case, so preparing yourself and your field trip group can save all of you from some stressful moments—and keep you from being the group making every one late for lunch at school or the bus ride home!

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