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5 tips for Boston singles to get through the holidays

Let's face it, the holiday season can be a blessing and a curse. One the one hand, it can be a joyous time to celebrate religion and family. On the other hand, it can be a time of sadness and despair, thinking of friends and relatives that have passed on and thinking about relationships that have fallen into disrepair.

It can also prove a difficult time for those of us that are single. Specifically me! I kind of cringe when I walk down Newbury Street lately and see couples holding hands, shopping for their families and generally looking incredibly happy. Last year, I was a part of one of those happy duos.  And now, I'm a Grinch.

So, with that being said, I've compiled this list of things to do this Holiday season that'll get me and you out our my collective sucky moods:

1) Volunteer. Do anything - and you don't have to do it on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day or over Hannukah. You can volunteer any day this holiday season and still garner just as much satisfaction. Volunteering will also give you a good perspective about your life and just how great you have it compared to others. Try hooking up with BostonCares.

2) Spend time with your nieces and nephews. That's right! Take off your shoes and sit on the floor with them. Play Wii Fit Hula Hoop. Color, do puzzles, play rock band, play hide and seek. Or, take them to The Commons to go ice-skating when it gets a bit cooler. Remember what the holidays are all about - family and love.

3) Visit your church, temple or mosque. When you're sad, it's a great time to reconnect with your spiritual side.

4) Join a community so you can honestly complain about being single/alone over the holidays. Your friends love you, but sometimes it's easier to be totally honest with strangers whom have never heard your story before. Also, it's also a little more fun to commiserate with people who "feel your pain." There are a bunch of Boston Meetup groups - for singles and divorcees alike. Or you can go online and join a community like

5) Reach out and touch someone. Send holiday cards or reach out via email and catch up with the people you love most. This is especially important if you have neglected to foster friendships and connections while you were dating (or married to) your ex.

Finally, remember that you're not 'really' alone. Although my family lives all around the world, I know that they love me and will be thinking about me in Boston on Christmas Day. So even though I won't be able to spend the holidays with them, in my heart I know that with their love, I have all the support in the world.

Happy Holidays!


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