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5 tips for better customer engagement

Shoppers at Sephora in New York
Shoppers at Sephora in New York
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz

Customer engagement is meeting customers' expectations, through the service experience. This can be seen cross functionally in the business, which also includes the behind the scenes preparation for new customer initiatives. Engagement is not just a face to face interaction. Elevating engagement with the customer will impact the current business situation and the long term relationship with the customer.

Consider these 5 tips for better engagement with the customer:

  1. Keep promises to customers-Customers are more than willing to give feedback on products and service that will make their current and the next experiences better. Once a customer has given the feedback, customize a personalized experience. Actually use the new information.
  2. Develop a culture and environment centered around the 'customer experience'-Developing into a customer focused business means establishing and setting expectations that are linked to other aspects of the business performance.
  3. Look at the various benefits with customer engagement-Each employee in the business should be on the lookout for ways to elevate the interactions with customers.
  4. Provide recognition to employees for going the extra mile-Look for those employees that don’t just take the easy solution, but are consistently asking “how will this improve the customer's experience?”
  5. Keep the customer coming back-Engage customers so that they will continue to visit the business, make purchases, and tell others. Always consider what will excite and engage customers in new and different ways, to keep them continually engaged.
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