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5 tips for a heathy dog

Bliss begs for treats
Robert Wishart

With sweet Fido staring longingly up at you while eating dinner, it can be hard to resist sneaking him a table scrap here and there. But for your pup’s waistline, stomach and heart, saying no to table scraps is saying YES to health!

Here are 5 quick tips & an exclusive DogChannel offer (DC10) for healthy + affordable solutions for you and your pet:

1. Table Feeding is a Slippery Slope
Dogs are creatures of habit, so even with just one time sharing that single serving off your plate, you can expect to see those same hopeful eyes at every meal time going forward.

2. Empty Calories=Weight Gain
The extra calories of fatty table scraps are the fastest way to your pet gaining weight. Overweight pets are at a much higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and more, so keep them on a consistent, high protein diet.

3. Avoid Stomach Distress
Our pets’ nutritional needs are different than ours, and many common spices and ingredients in people food can wreak havoc on our dog’s digestive tract, causing challenges like gas, bad breath, and loose stools. Dog treats are developed solely for a dog’s nutritional needs, which are always a better option.

4. Choose a High Protein USA Dog Treat
Although they may look like people food, Grain-Free NATURAL VALUE™ Made in the USA dog treats (Duck Sticks, Chicken Tenders, as well as Sausages in Chicken, Duck and Beef) are formulated JUST FOR DOGS. Loving Pets created Natural Value to be affordable, packed with protein, and cooked through a slow cooking process to seal in the meaty tastes dogs adore.

5. Build a Bond & Reward Good Behavior
Dog treats not only give you and your pet the same tail-wagging satisfaction as giving or receiving unhealthy table scraps, but natural treats promote a special bond between you and your pet and reward positive behavior.

To find a LOVING PETS retailer near you or to take advantage of an EXCLUSIVE DogChannel Discount on great products for dogs, cats and the people that love them, please visit and use Promo Code DC10 at check-out (*Hurry, this special offer expires soon!)

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