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5 Tips for a Beautiful Back

Get a smooth, strong, beautiful back before summer arrives with these 5 steps.

As we get closer to warmer weather, tops with sheer and lace backs return in stores. Open back and strapless dresses get back in style. Each spring and summer, less clothing means a higher level of feeling comfortable due to the heat. To get the maximum level of comfort, maintaining healthy skin is a must.

A strong, soft back would pair perfectly with these breathable clothes that will be selling soon. Here is a list of tips to prepare for a beautiful, summer-ready back:

Daily stretching and exercises - Flexibility and some floor-work, such as yoga, push ups and abdominal exercises, will also strengthen your back.
Exfoliate - Like any smooth healthy skin, exfoliating with a loofah and a scrub once a month is a must.
Self tanner - After exfoliating, add a little more color with some self tanner. A soft, glowing back will stand out from the crowd.
Moisturize - Some self tanners already have enough to moisturize depending on the kind of product substance. If you are using a spray or mitt, moisturizing your skin with an oil-free lotion is important.
Hydration - I've mentioned this already in a couple other articles. Green smoothies and lots of water is not only good for your health, but will keep your skin hydrated and less likely to flake.

For more tips, check out my article about maintaining healthy skin. Will you be trying any of these before summer?

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