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5 thoughts that will help you to succeed at your goals

Bringing out the best in yourself is a great gift to have and one that you will find useful in the gym and throughout your life. Motivational thoughts lead to higher performance, greater achievement, and excellence.

Here are 5 powerful thoughts that will motivate you and bring out the best in you in your workouts, in the gym, or in any job or performance you have in life:

1. "Give it your all. No regrets."- When you walk out of the gym, do you feel better knowing you gave it your all, 100% of your effort, or knowing you fell short of what you were capable of? When you give your work or task at hand your all, everything you got, you can assure yourself you can always walk away feeling good with your head held high and without regrets.

Your time is valuable, and given so there is nothing you'll regret more than wasting it, giving less than you are capable of, knowing you could have done better, worked harder, and produced better results. When you give your work your all, you will always come away feeling better, and the results will show.

2. "Be the best you can be."- This is really motivational because it means that you're not competing with anyone else, which changes performance dynamics and removes the burden of feeling the need to do what others are doing. You only have to compete with yourself, and this brings out the best in your performance.

It also saves you a lot of energy. You're no longer looking around wondering and worried about what other people are doing. It doesn't make much sense anyway to do so since there's only one you and only you have your own unique personal potential to fulfill. You are you.

Everyone has their own personal potential in life, and that is all anyone can ask and demand of them self- to be the best they can be. When you are the best that you can be, you have nothing to worry about because you know you are working and living up to your potential.

Then the peace of mind and removal of the anxiety and burden of working towards other persons' expectations leads to better performance.You always come away confident knowing you did the best you could, and this is good for you in several ways, including psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

3. "Hard work pays off."- When in doubt, you can always fall back on and rely on this one. Of all the thoughts that flow through your mind during a performance, this is the one that will always hold true. When in doubt, just work hard knowing it will produce results. You may not be sure of everything and every minor detail of the project or task at hand all the time, but you can be sure that if you work hard, it is better than giving fifty percent or remaining confused and undecided.

You may even learn a thing or two just by working and moving into action. It is believed that a lot of discoveries were made by people who never stopped working hard, almost like a random digger who just happens to dig all the way to a chest of gold.

Working hard will always produce better results and create better habits in the long run. So give it everything you got and reap the rewards of your hard work.

4. "I'm going to......"- Fill in the blank with conviction. There's not much more motivational thought than a statement of certainty expressed with power and energy that becomes a "self fulfilling prophecy."

Some people refer to this self talk as incantation, but it really is just a statement expressing your firm desire and conviction toward what you want and are committed to doing. There's a "nothing's gonna stop me" underlying thread that comes along with it. When you say you're going to do something with conviction and strong emotion, there's not much more of a powerful way to motivate yourself.

When it comes to the gym and your fitness goals, it can be things like: lose 10 lbs by next month, run for an hour to burn as much body fat as I can, build 10 lbs of muscle by summer, give this workout everything I got, get ripped to the bone, get a six pack, and so on...In life, it can be things like: get the promotion, earn six figures, start your own business, retire by the time you're 40, get a doctorate degree, etc. You can fill in the blank with anything you want to create the motivation toward what you desire.

5. "Nothing's gonna stop me."- By making this announcement, you've already declared that no matter what gets in your way, you're going to achieve your goals and objectives no matter what. This has power.

When you've adopted the mentality that nothing's gonna stop you, your commitment has become so strong that: a snow storm, a 2 hour traffic jam, a headache, the flu, a cold, only getting 3 hours of sleep, or any other obstacle that would usually be seen as an excuse is not enough to stop you from achieving your goal.

Thoughts like these lead to the remembrance of stories like the ones where a football player or athlete becomes seriously injured, and doctors tell them they'll never play again, but the will and strength of their commitment becomes a force to reckon with that makes it impossible for them not to. It becomes inevitable and they will find a way to overcome the odds and improbablility to reach their goal, dream, or objective.

For a student, "I'm going to get straight A's in my classes and nothing is going to stop me; I don't care if I have to stay up all night to study until I have it down perfect.". For a fitness person, "I'm going to lose 10 pounds by May 1st and nothing's going to stop me; I don't care if I have to run 4 miles a day for the next 6 weeks or hire a trainer."

This works.

-Greg Mickles

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