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5 things you SHOULDN'T do at the gym if you want to see results PART 1

Let’s be honest, most of us if not all of us have done one of these things in the gym at one point in time or another. These are honest mistakes that we all learned from, some of us more than others. But there are people who are seasoned vets who've made a habit out of some of these. You probably have seen these people, the types of people who live in the gym, but always end up looking the same no matter what they do.

How to get results
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Well for those of you who want to know what NOT TO DO in the gym, here you go!

1. Doing TOO many reps

I’ve seen this so much at the gym that it’s not even funny. It’s always the guys looking to get big that do this for some reason. Even though they know that you should do less reps but with heavier weight to gain size. Yet these people go in and do a set of 50 thinking that they will get bigger by doing it. If you’re already going light and doing a ton of reps, than all you’re doing is endurance training and that’s it.

2. Taking too long of breaks

Have you ever lifted with someone that does a set and takes off and talks to everyone in the gym before they come back for their second set? I have on a few occasions, and it seems like the entire workout is pointless after a few exercises. If you can’t get passed 3 different exercises in an hour of working out with someone, well than it’s time to switch partners up. There’s no reason to take more than a minute or 2 tops as a rest between sets.

3. Doing the same workouts day in and out

I was guilty of this in the past, and I wondered why I never saw any quality gains. The reason is that we get stuck in a comfort zone and we don’t know how to get out of it. We stick with what’s familiar, and the problem is that it doesn’t work so well in the gym. If you’re looking to maintain what you have than this is a good way to go. But most of us are looking for more, so if you’re looking for more, than this isn't the way to go, keep things changing, consistency is king/queen in the gym, remember that!

4. being too perfect

Now it’s no secret that we must do our lifts as close to as perfect as possible to be safe and do the lifts right. But when you’re meticulously doing things like placing the weights down perfectly, or complaining about how the bench is set up, you tend to lose the real focus of what you’re doing. Your goal is to get shredded or gain some mass, not be Mr. or Mrs. nit-picky in the gym.

5. Doing the same cardio day in and day out

I’ve seen people doing cardio for hours on and end never really changing at all. They wonder why they don’t ever evolve and in reality the real reason is because they NEVER CHANGE THEIR INTENSITY! You have to change the intensity to be able to burn and sweat and lose more weight. Use HIIT training to burn more, by doing so you can burn more in 15 minutes than you would in 2 hours of regular cardio.

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