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5 things YOU SHOULDN’T do a the gym if you want to see results PART 2

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What NOT to do in the gym
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Now in this post I will discuss 5 more things that you SHOULDN'T DO in order to get the desired results you wish to get. The first thing you have to realize is this, we were all once new to the gym scene. There isn't a guide or a phamplet that tells you what and what not to do in the gym. So this post and my previous one can help you out start off on the right foot!

5 things you SHOULDN'T do at the gym!

6. Giving advice as a novice

I’m sure you’ve all seen the guy with the socks and sandals walking around telling people what they should do. Or the guy that’s in terrible shape talking about how back in the day he was this and that and that you’re doing it all wrong. Well don’t listen to those people, and if you’re one of those people, please stop giving advice until the proof is in the pudding!

7. Endless ab workouts

I have a few friends who work out all of the time; they do ab workouts even more than that. They do it like 2 times a day in hopes that they will get a nice 6 or 8 pack. The problem is that they’ve been doing that for years on end and haven’t gotten anywhere at all. The focus should be on doing exercises that are going to hit all 8 heads at once. Do them every few days and let them rest, the real abs are built in the kitchen more than they’re built in the gym, remember that!

8. To much phone time

If you look at your phone every time you do a set, you’re going to waste a ton of time. Let’s say you have an hour and a half to workout. That means you have that much time to get in a quality workout without any time to waste. So if you’re looking at your phone for 3 minutes every time you finish a set, how much time will you have wasted?

A LOT!!!!!!

So stop looking at your phone and only look at it if it’s in an emergency, or if you have to change a song, or even after you complete a workout set.

9. Taking long breaks on equipment

When you get done with your workout and feel the need to take a break, don’t sit on the bench or somewhere someone may use for a workout. It’s called be nice and letting others use the equipment too. Unless you’re paying for everyone that’s working out, than if not get out of the way and take a break in an area that is designated for that, like the locker room!

10. Be rude and egotistical

The last thing we all want to see is you flexing in the mirror every 2 seconds. Or you talking crap about someone else or those around you in the gym. Everyone is in there for the same reason, to better their health and bodies, so leave the comments in your head or outside of the gym. Stop being so analytical just because you have some self-confidence issues. Be more encouraging and give hope to those around you and they will enjoy you more that way than the other, just some food for thought!

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