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5 things you probably didn't know about Noah

Noah Movie Poster

“Noah” starring Russell Crowe was released on DVD today. While the film was generally well received and got people talking about the Bible, some people took issue with the “secular” message they thought Darren Aronofsky injected into the Biblical account. With that in mind, here are some things you probably didn't know about Noah.

1. Profession

Noah was at least a lay preacher. Second Peter 2:5 calls Noah a preacher of righteousness. We don’t know if Noah actually gave sermons, we do know that he fulfilled a priestly role—immediately after the flood, he offered sacrifices to God. Before the flood came, he probably told people that the flood was coming. Since, everyone except Noah and his family (8 people) perished during the flood, we can assume that his preaching fell on deaf ears.

2. His Age

He was 600 years old when the flood came (Genesis 7:6), and he lived 350 more years after the flood. Based on the genealogy in Genesis, Noah was in the 10th generation of Adam’s descendants. Noah was born when his father, Lamech, was 182 years old. Noah got his name because his father thought his birth signified the birth of calm and rest.

3. Rainbow

Forget Lucky Charms and pots of gold, the rainbow is a sign of the covenant between Noah (and us) and God (Gen. 9:13). In the agreement, God says that he won’t destroy the world again via flood waters.

4. Farming

We know Noah was a lay preacher before the flood, but we don’t know if that was his full-time job. After the flood, Noah took up farming (Gen. 9:20). He even planted his own vineyard and made wine, off of which he got drunk.

5. Descendants

Most people who are familiar with the Biblical origins account know that everybody is descended from Adan and Eve, but people have a disconnect when it comes to Noah and the flood. The flood wiped out all land-dwelling people and animals, except those on the ark, so everybody is descended from Noah through his sons Shem, Japeth, and Ham and their wives. Shem is the father of Semitic people; Japeth is the father of Europeans; and Ham is the father of Afro-Asiatic people.

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