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5 things you need in your car

Getting stranded when you’re traveling is one of the scariest things you’ll ever experience. Every year, thousands of motorists get stuck somewhere while driving, and each year a few of them will become seriously injured or even die because they did not take a few precautions to protect themselves and their family in case of this event. Fortunately, you can protect you and your family by just making sure that you never leave your home without these five essential items in the trunk of your car.
1. Water. Pack at least one gallon of water for each person in your car. In the even that your car overheats, this water can be used to refill the radiator and coolant systems. If you’re stranded, this should be enough water to last at least two days.
2. A brightly colored warm blanket. If you get in the winter, this blanket can be used to keep everyone in your car warm. By picking a colorful blanket, you will also be able to signal passing motorists and/or make yourself visible in snow or bad weather. If you plan on traveling to a rural area, this is especially important.
3. Gloves If your car breaks down, odds are you will want to open the hood and check the engine. If you pack a good pair of gloves, your hands won’t get burned while you are doing this. The gloves can also be used during the winter months to keep your extremities from getting too cold.
4. Food. If you’re stuck for a long time, you’ll need something to eat. Packing a few granola bars or crackers is a good way to bring food without worrying about how to cook it. Pick brands that are shelf stable for years and are not effected by being stored in extreme temperatures.
5. A working cell phone. Being able to communicate and get help is probably your best defense. If you don’t normally carry a cell phone, buy a used one and an airtime card. Program the phone with number you would need during an emergency, such as a tow truck, emergency services, and family members.

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