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5 things you need to start doing to get hired

Don't let the roundtable intimidate you - blow them away by follwing these tips
Don't let the roundtable intimidate you - blow them away by follwing these tips

Most of the time employers know exactly what they are looking for in an employee. If they find you don’t at least come close to their expectations they are going to forget about you. You can avoid this by being solid in these five basic principles of selling yourself to employers.

Keep these things in mind before and during the interview. Remember that good preparation and research is the best thing you can do to impress potential employers.

Value their time more than anything else
Start off on the right foot and show up early to the interviews. Show the employer you value their time and don’t want to waste any of it.

Show up with a copy of your resume just in case and use the extra time to go over some of your responses in your mind.

Make a list of their problems and show why you’re the right person to solve them
Before you go into any interview you should have done your research. During this research make a list of things that you can help the company achieve. If your skills are in marketing show how that aligns with the company’s goal of getting more customers.

Conduct your research on the employer’s website and do some general research about the industry so you can figure out what their goals might be. Align your skills with them and show how you can help.

Don’t complain about the small stuff
Employers are always testing you in interviews, even the casual questions are tests of your character. If you get asked “Did you have trouble finding the place” or “How was your ride getting here” always remember to never complain.

Even if you had difficulties arriving, keep your game face on and don’t let it bother you. Employers are not looking for people that are already complaining before the interview starts, this is a big red flag.

Dress professionally
It goes without saying that you always need to dress your best during interviews. Take the time the night before to get your outfit ready so you can walk in with an air of professionalism.

Avoid talking with slang to help compound your professional image. Give firm handshakes and speak clearly.

Align your values with the company’s mission statement
Employers are interested in what you can do for them and if what you can do aligns with what they want. Every company has a mission statement, find out what it is and show them (not tell) that you share these same values.

For example if a company values Family, Friendship & Hard work, show them you share these views by giving concrete examples that align with what they want.

Tell them your different experiences learned from sharing these values and show them how you will help make their team one that embraces all of these things.

If you have truly prepared you should walk in to the interview feeling confident. The best way to ace the interview is by having a solid grasp on all the things you researched about the company, study them like you are going in to an exam.
Constantly align your skills and attributes with things that the company wants, if you can do that and keep these five things in mind you will start impressing employers no problem!

Bonus – ask lots of industry related questions
During your research come up with at least three questions that only qualified people in your industry would be able to ask. These questions can be about current events in your industry, old points of debate or any specific question you can think of.

Asking these targeted questions show that you are committed to accumulating new information and that you are an employee they can trust to be up-to-date. Take the extra mile to impress your employer and it will pay off!

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