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5 things you might not be doing at the gym to get better results

Always try something different, whether it's a new exercise, a new exercise variation, or a new routine.
Always try something different, whether it's a new exercise, a new exercise variation, or a new routine.
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Sometimes working out at the gym can become a routine. Even though you are exercising, which is great for your health, you may get too comfortable in your routine or fall into habits that are minimizing your progress. You may forget some of the proven to work keys to getting the best results, and it is always helpful to get a fresh reminder of what they are. Here are 5 things you may be forgetting to do each time you workout that can help you achieve the best results: (View Slideshow)

It is good to get into a routine at the gym, but the truth is that the word routine has a comfort zone context to it, and a comfort zone is the last thing you want to be in to generate maximum results and an awesome physique. The real key is to change up your routine, and make sure you are pushing the body to new challenges. This should be anything but routine.

It is good to have health habits like working out three to five days a week or more, but often times the habits include just going through the same motions each time.

For example, if you run three miles a day, three days a week, you might be in the habit of running it at 6.0 mph. A great effective way to challenge yourself would be to run it faster, say at 6.3-6.5 mph, and ideally gradually increase your speed throughout the course of 8 weeks or more, say up to 7.0-7.5 mph. Another thing you can do is add ten sets of 60 yard sprints after your run to get out of the routine and comfort zone.

Another way is to change up your exercises. If you keep doing the same things over and over, the body will get used to it and progress will cease. You should always keep the body guessing to maximize your progress and obtain better results.

A subtle lesser known example of this, rather than do a completely different exercise, is to do a variation of a particular exercise. For Leg Extensions, try using one leg at a time instead of the usual two. For One Arm Dumbell Rows, use two arms pulling simultaneously instead of the usual one. And for Close Grip Pull Downs, try one arm instead of two with a single grip handle...The list goes on, but these are a few solid examples.

By staying out of a routine and the comfort zone by remembering to implement these five ways to transform the body, you will be sure your body is constantly changing on your way to your goals. Stay positive and you will get great results! (View Slideshow)

-Greg Mickles

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