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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Dates

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Dates
5 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Dates

Wondering why you never got that second date? Here are five things that you may be doing wrong on your romantic evenings with a potential interest.

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Dates

1. Location Matters, Don’t Go To The Movies
Don’t take your date or accept a date to a location where there isn’t any way for you to get to know the other person. You cannot talk or see anyone in a movie theater.

2. It’s Not Always About You
How often do you find yourself on a date talking about your kids, your job, your hobbies, and the other person it on the opposite end of the table smiling and nodding? When you find yourself rambling about yourself a little too long, make sure you stop and ask the other person about themselves and their interests.

3. Ex- Relationships, The Less Detailed The Better
It is natural to want to talk about a past relationship when you are out on a dinner date, but the best option would be to try and redirect that conversation to what you like in a partner or a potential relationship. Complaining about an old relationship, especially on a first date, isn’t why either of you are on the date. Mentioning it is fine, but quickly moved passed those kinds of “touchy topics.”

4. Converse, Don’t Interview
Interviewing a person about their qualifications to be your potential partner isn’t exactly the way to a successful date. There should be a “natural flow” to the conversation, and both people should be asking questions and learning about each other.

5. Sexual Jokes Are Not Funny
It’s tasteless, just don’t.

-Ashli Redd

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